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LexisNexis Batch Services® lets you effortlessly keep your donor database up-to-date and enhances the quality of your donor data.

Improve fundraising efforts with an optimized donor database

LexisNexis Batch Services delivers high-volume data enrichment to your donor database. It keeps donor information up to date, enforces data hygiene for better quality, and identifies hard-to-find connections between people, businesses, and properties. So, you can quickly and efficiently reach graduates, parents, friends, and other academic donors to better meet your fundraising goals.

Quickly Cleanse and Verify Your Donor Data

LexisNexis Batch Services uses industry-leading best practices and exclusive technology to scrub your data with typical turnaround times of 24 hours of less, ensuring that your data is always accurate, relevant and timely.

Capture Details on the Life Events of Potential Donors

LexisNexis Batch Services appends any name changes, marriages, births and career moves to your data. You can leverage these life events for building relationships with alumni, donors and donor prospects.

Enhance Data Quality with Batch Processing

Reduce data duplication and false positives in your database with efficient batch processing—so you can make better, faster decisions based on authoritative, reliable information.

Improve Segmentation with Deeper Data

Enrich your donor database with employment information to target high-value donors, such as C-suite executives, for your fundraising campaigns.

Work More Efficiently with Clean Donor Data

Our data enrichment helps you reduce manual searches, decrease unproductive calling and better allocate resources. You can also save time and expenses while boosting your donor outreach efforts through the use of clean data.

Shield Your Data with Secure Batch Processing

As a long-recognized pioneer in data security, we safeguard file transfers through a batch web gateway or SFTP, offering your greater confidence that private data, such as social security numbers, remains protected.

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