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How do I access the CourtLink® service?

Go to the Lexis Service or Lexis+® and sign in.

Use the squares icon at the top left next to the product's name, to navigate to the desired product. From here you can access CourtLink at any time by selecting CourtLink (Dockets).

Forgot ID or password? Call LexisNexis Customer Support at 1-888-311-1966.

How many dockets and documents can be searched within the CourtLink service?

CourtLink lets you search across the full text of more than 293 million federal and state court dockets and documents in a single search.

Which courts or court systems are included in the CourtLink service? How do I know if a court is not included?

To view the courts whose dockets are included in CourtLink, sign in and click on "Court Information" or "Court Availability" on the top right-hand corner of the main page. From here, you can see all available courts listed out by state.

How do I craft a CourtLink search?

You have several options to pinpoint the dockets and/or documents you are looking for.

  • You can search through specific types of content: Dockets, Documents, or Dockets & Documents
  • You can search in one or multiple court systems simultaneously
  • You can enter the specific search terms, docket numbers, keywords, or Boolean language in the search box
  • You can select additional or alternate search criteria

From your initial results, you can then refine your search using the criteria available on the left, which are the same familiar filters available in Lexis searches.

Need help searching? At any time, you can click on Info links for hints regarding a specific type of search. Or, contact Customer Support at 1-888-311-1966.

How do I find dockets filed on a patent number?

Open the federal district courts and look for the Patent Number search field under "Federal Court Options". Then enter the patent number to find all cases related to that patent. 

Some patent cases from as early as the 1980s have links to patent numbers. Comprehensive data begins on 1/1/2002.

How do I locate saved searches?

Open the History menu on the toolbar at the upper right. You can review your list of previous searches and their criteria. Select a saved search by clicking on the title. You can review the original search results and edit the search if you wish, to return different results.


How do I review dockets and documents I have retrieved from the court?

After updating a docket or downloading a document, you can always find them in your Dockets & Documents link at the top of the CourtLink search page. 

How do I request documents that are not available in my online CourtLink search results?

CourtLink Document Retrieval fulfills your requests for searches or documents not available online.

If you have any questions about the CourtLink Document Retrieval service, please call us at 1-866-540-8818** or email us at

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