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How do I access the CourtLink service?

Go to the CourtLink website. Click on Sign In. Enter your ID and password.


Select the CourtLink service from the Lexis Advance® service. Select the down arrow next to Research at the top of the Lexis Advance home page. Choose LexisNexis® CourtLink®.

Forgot ID or password? Call LexisNexis Customer Support at 1-888-311-1966.

How many dockets and documents can be searched within the CourtLink service?

Only CourtLink® lets you search across the full text of more than 200 million federal and state court dockets and documents in a single search.

Which courts or court systems are included in the CourtLink service? How do I know if a court is not included?

To view the courts whose dockets are included in CourtLink, go to the Court Info tab. On the left, under the sections "Available Court Search" select Online Courts and click "View Availability." You can view the courts for a particular state, or all of the courts in one list.

How do I craft a CourtLink search?

You have several options:

  1. If you wish to run the broadest search that will retrieve the various documents and dockets within the CourtLink service, try a Single Search. Enter keywords or key phrases in the red Single Search box. Then, click on Search.

From your initial results, you can refine your search using the criteria on the left. Results can be filtered by: Keyword, CourtLink Litigation Area, Case Type, Case Status, State, Court system, Date filed.

  1. If you wish to search within a specific court or selected courts, choose the Search tab. Select the desired courts from the Available Courts list.

You can search within multiple court systems simultaneously using various criteria, including litigant name, date range, and case type. You can also search by attorney name, judge name, nature of suit, and docket entries where avaliable.

  1. If you know the court and docket number, choose Docket Number search.
  1. When you need to perform initial case analysis and due diligence, you can rely on our collection of federal and state court filings accessible through CourtLink Document Finder. You'll have access to the industry's largest and deepest index of federal briefs, pleadings, motions, orders and more, with over 25 years of case history.

Pinpoint the relevant work product of opposing counsel and key ruling information on the presiding judge. Search by document type— motion, order, reply, complaint, answer, etc.— and specific nature of suit and court. Combine with an attorney name and/or judge to locate the existing documents you're interested in.

  1. When you need to perform initial case analysis and due diligence, you can rely on our collection of selected federal and state court filings accessible through CourtLink Document Text Search. Conduct full-text searches of tens of millions of documents.

Need help searching? At any time, you can click on Info links for hints regarding a specific type of search. Or, contact Customer Support at 1-888-311-1966.

How do I find patents?

Find patent-related cases, including all cases for a particular patent number or patent class/subclass. Search by patent number to find all cases related to a patent. Search by patent class and subclass to find all cases related to that class. Search by court to find all patent-related cases for that court.

Some patent cases from as early as the 1980s have links to patent numbers. Comprehensive data begins on 1/1/2002.

How do I locate saved searches?

Search from previously run search criteria. Select a saved search from the drop-down menu. Review the search criteria on the search summary screen and click Run Search.

To save criteria for future searching, from the search summary screen, click Save Search. You may also save criteria for future searches by clicking the Save Search link within a search results list.

To delete saved searches, click the Manage Saved Searches link.


How do I request documents that are not available in my online CourtLink search results?

CourtLink Document Retrieval fulfills your requests for searches or documents not available online.

We update the status of your orders in real time, so you can always check the status of an order on your CourtLink page.

If you have any questions about the CourtLink Document Retrieval service, please call us at 1-888-540-8818** or email us at DRorders@lexisnexis.com.

**International callers, please dial 1-425-460-6815.

On-the-Go Access—Mobile Access

Now you can take advantage of on-the-go notification capabilities to help you keep up with key litigation activity. With the LexisNexis® CourtLink® Alert & Track Notifications app, it's easy.

You set up your Alerts and Tracks from your computer, but you can access your notifications of new activity—and the cases to which they refer—wherever you are, via your Apple® iPhone® mobile device or other smartphone.

To learn more visit lexisnexis.com/mobile.

For more information: http://lexisnexis.com/courtlink

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