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Energy and EPA Defend Administration’s Climate Change Approach in Congress
Posted on 25 Sep 2013 by Gabrielle Sigel

On September 18, 2013, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce's Subcommittee on Energy and Power held a hearing on "The Obama Administration's Climate Change Policies and Activities" in response to the President's Climate Action... Read More

The Debt Ceiling Furor Will Change the Climate of Climate Change Responses
Posted on 11 Aug 2011 by J. Wylie Donald

By J. Wylie Donald, Partner, McCarter & English We hope you don't come to this blog for stock tips but it doesn't take John Bogle to know that the debt ceiling impasse and the budget furor do not bode well for renewable energy stocks.... Read More

The EU ETS’s Most Recent Challenges
Posted on 3 Dec 2013 by Columbia Law - Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

Teresa Parejo, Associate Professor of Law (Carlos III University), Visiting Scholar at the Center for Climate Change Law The EU ETS (European Union Emissions Trading System), the most important EU tool to fight against climate change, is now facing... Read More

Lawsuits for Climate Disasters?
Posted on 21 Feb 2014 by Dianne Saxe

Lawsuits against private firms for climate disaster compensation may not be winnable yet, but important groundwork is being laid. In groundbreaking peer-reviewed research , researcher Richard Heede of the Climate Accountability Institute offers the most... Read More

Legal Group Urges Court to Dismiss “Climate Change” Suit
Posted on 1 Aug 2011 by William Perry Pendley

By William Perry Pendley, President and Chief Operating Officer of Mountain States Legal Foundation July 29, 2011 - DENVER, CO. A Colorado nonprofit, public-interest legal foundation today urged a Colorado state court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by... Read More

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage in China: Emerging Policies and Laws
Posted on 7 Nov 2013 by Columbia Law - Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

The Center for Climate Change Law has released a white paper tracking China’s policies and laws on carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS). China has the world’s largest coal reserves and has been zealous in using its coal to drive... Read More

Jenner & Block: More Insights On Obama’s Climate Change Plan
Posted on 10 Jul 2013 by E. Lynn Grayson

Since President Obama's speech at Georgetown, there has been tremendous response and reaction to his proposed plan to address climate change. As to be expected, some support President Obama's proposals while others do not. The threefold approach... Read More

Sulfur Masking Global Warming?
Posted on 15 Jul 2011 by Patrick Greissing

By Patrick Greissing, Alston & Bird LLP A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences states that despite the increase in greenhouse gas emissions from 1998 to 2008, global surfaces temperatures have leveled off... Read More

New Columbia Resource Tracks the President’s Climate Action Plan
Posted on 11 Feb 2014 by Columbia Law - Sabin Center for Climate Change Law

On June 25, 2013, President Obama delivered a major speech on the topic of climate change. In it he outlined a broad policy agenda aimed at addressing the challenges posed by the changing climate. The agenda, detailed in The President’s Climate... Read More

Could the Amazon Become a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emitter Rather Than a Sink?
Posted on 3 Apr 2012 by Thomas H. Clarke, Jr.

The Amazon has long been conceived of as a CO2 sink because of its mass of vegetation. Researchers are now concerned that drought and deforestation may make it a net emitter. Because of regular measurements of about 100,000 trees, researchers estimate... Read More

Energy Reduction Verification and the UK’s mandatory energy efficiency scheme
Posted on 26 Jul 2010 by Malcolm Dowden

By Malcolm Dowden, Solicitor and Environmental Law Consultant The UK Environment Agency’s CRC Project Executive Andrew Hitchings has confirmed the British Standards Institute’s ‘Kitemark’ scheme for Energy Reduction Verification... Read More