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Immigration Law

DOL Clears Infosys, Closes Investigation - Reuters

Sarah N. Lynch, Reuters, Sept. 8, 2015 - "The U.S. Labor Department has cleared Infosys Ltd of any wrongdoing and closed its investigation after American technology workers at Southern California Edison complained their jobs were wrongfully outsourced to foreigners working on H-1B visas, Infosys has confirmed. "Infosys fully cooperated with the (Department of Labor) in this activity," the company told Reuters in a statement, noting the company was confident from the start that it had complied with U.S. immigration laws. The Labor Department is still investigating similar complaints by U.S. workers into Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. , a second IT firm hired by Southern California Edison, and HCL Technologies, an IT firm that Disney hired last year as part of a restructuring of its Orlando-based IT division, a department spokesman said."