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3 Untold Advantages of Working at a Small Law Firm

A lot of attorneys, paralegals, and legal staff aspire to be part of a huge operation with dozens of attorneys and a star-power name.  But owning your own small law firm - or choosing to be a part of a smaller-scale operation - has a number of advantages over being part of a large legal group.

While many people who work in the legal field wouldn't give up their positions in megafirms for anything, employees and owners of smaller operations are quick to tout the benefits of their situations.  The right choice for you depends on your personal outlook, career goals, and ability to adapt to your surroundings.  Think about these untold perks to working at a small law firm.

Intimacy.  Today's huge law firm can have well over 200 attorneys on staff, plus legal assistants, IT staff, and a myriad of other team members working in positions like shipping and even food service.  This grand-scale environment doesn't do much to create an atmosphere of close relationships between staffers - something that many lawyers value highly considering the people-oriented nature of their work.

Flexibility.  This number of employees creates a heavy need for structure, which means more rules and regulations.  Team members at a large firm often go through many official processes and much administrative netting to do everyday tasks ranging from parking reimbursement to hiring assistants.  This structure is a blessing to some and a burden to others.

Independence.  Many people love the thrill and sense of accomplishment that comes with knowing that they are completely responsible for a project from start to finish - and that they completed every part of what they had to do without outsourcing part of the process to another department in their company.  It's a satisfying feeling and one that keeps many small law firm employees going, even when they're up against tasks they wish they didn't have to do.

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