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TechLaw10: YouTube Hack Attack of Sesame Street
Posted on 31 Oct 2011 by Jonathan Armstrong

TechLaw10 hosts Jonathan Armstrong and Eric Sinrod discuss legal issues related to information technology. In this episode, Jonathan and Eric discuss a recent hacking of the Sesame Street channel on YouTube and replaced with child-inappropriate content... Read More

Testimony about the Impact of Social Media on Open Government
Posted on 14 May 2010 by Peter S. Vogel

I was honored to be asked by the Texas Senate to testify how Social Media impacts Open Government at a hearing on May 11, 2010 and you are welcome to read my Statement concerning Charge #13 for the Senate Affairs Committee: Study the Public Information... Read More

IRS Scored Better Customer Satisfaction than Facebook!
Posted on 27 Jul 2010 by Peter S. Vogel

A new report shows that customers are not that happy with Facebook and MySpace also showed that social media was ranked lower than property & casualty insurance. Also not a surprise that airlines were lower in customer satisfaction than social... Read More

Google & YouTube Not Liable For Copyright Infringement
Posted on 24 Jun 2010 by Peter S. Vogel

Viacom lost its $1 billion lawsuit against Google and YouTube for alleged copyright infringement when a judge granted summary judgment. YouTube's defense was that it used the "safe harbor" protection of the Digital Millennium Copyright... Read More

Facebook Now Accounts for 25% of All U.S. Pageviews
Posted on 29 Nov 2010 by Peter S. Vogel

Hitwise recently reported that 1 in every 4 pageviews in the US is on Facebook , and also incredible is Facebook's claim that people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. Astonishing growth made even more amazing by realizing that... Read More