LexisNexis® Practice Management
Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) Policy Revision
(effective May 1, 2010)

To provide customers with a cost-effective way to manage software costs over the long term and to ensure consistency across all LexisNexis Practice Management products, LexisNexis has adopted a new policy that will affect PCLaw™, Time Matters® and Billing Matters® users.  The new policy, effective May 1, 2010, requires all PCLaw, Time Matters and Billing Matters customers to have an active, in-force Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) in order to receive updated software and technical support.  Experience has demonstrated to us that customers with AMPs have significantly higher satisfaction scores with their supported software and benefit from predictable and manageable service and maintenance costs.

A customer who does not have an AMP or whose AMP has lapsed will be required to pay an AMP reinstatement fee, in addition to the standard AMP plan price, if the customer does not order an AMP on or before April 30, 2010.   Effective March 1, 2010, first time software orders can only be made in conjunction with an AMP.

The LexisNexis Practice Management software AMP reflects best practices in the software industry.  An AMP provides Practice Management software customers with a complete end-to-end solution that ensures continuous operation and predictable and manageable costs.  The pace of software innovations and modifications can be rapid, and the value of any software may diminish quickly if not kept up to date.  Abandoning software support can result in new applications not working or working improperly, and is not recommended. An AMP ensures that customers have access to the latest features, extends the useful life of the software and protects the value of the software.

LexisNexis Practice Management AMPs provide customers with access to:

  • All new software upgrades and updates
  • Scheduled Service Releases (Service Packs)
  • Corrective Content (Hot Fixes) addressing high severity defects rapidly if needed
  • Anytime Training via LexisNexis® University at www.lexisnexis.com/university
  • Telephonic Technical Support
  • Online Documentation available via the appropriate Support Center

For additional information, please reference our Frequently Asked Questions document, call 800.328.2898, email pmsales@lexisnexis.com or visit pm.lexisnexis.com/store 


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