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Keith L. Foster Posted: Sun, Jun 25 2006 7:29 PM

First . . . my thanks to everyone that collaborated to create this new forum.  I did want to share one thought that I've had for a while now (actually since we started using BM+).  Have you considered a separate forum for Billing Matters Plus?  It is really its own animal just as Billing Matters is so different than Time Matters.  They all interact beautifully but we tend to have "accounting" issues or "billing" issues or basic Time Matters issues from time to time and I've thought for a while that separating them out might make some sense.  BM+ could have been called "Accounting Matters."

It may be more trouble than it's worth and there is a good argument not to separate the posts this way but it seems that the rationale for separating the BillingMatters posts from the TimeMatters posts is equally applicable here. 

Again . . . please accept my thanks.  And . . . if this inquiry violates the Policy I appologize but I thought that sending it would at least bring the question to the mind of the moderator who could share it privately.


Keith L. Foster The Foster & Buick Law Group, LLC 2040 Aberdeen Court Sycamore, IL 60178
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Great to hear from you, Keith. You are right that questions regarding the accounting features of Billing Matters Plus are a separate topic and also that there is overlap between Time Matters and Billing Matters, so that it is somewhat arbitrary to separate them. Drawing lines is always a difficult process.

Arguments could be made for having other separate forums, such as one for Document Management, another for Estate Planning, etc., because these can be distinct areas of interest. I believe at this point, and perhaps indefinitely, it makes sense to have a smaller number of forums and to use the Subject line to specifically describe the topic and features to be discussed. Other online forums have taken this approach.

Your observations underline the importance of good, descriptive Subject lines when posting questions to the forums.

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