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Hot Doc vs Pro Doc

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JC Dominguez Posted: Thu, Nov 8 2007 11:06 PM


       My law firm uses Pro Doc but now that we use Lexis Nexis products we want to get rid of Pro Doc. However, my question is wether Hot Docs can do the same or better.

I really have no clue what Hot Docs does but we need a document automation program. We want to be able to load for example:

Immigration Forms

Intake Questionaires


Pull up the document within the program and just fill in the blanks (such as Name, Address, Children, Employement status etc...) Can Hot Docs do this.





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Although I'm not that familiar with ProDoc, I would be extremely surprised if it could do more than what HotDocs is capable of.  HotDocs is by far the #1 document assembly/automation software, and it is capable of everything you reference, plus a whole lot more, including complex logic, computations, etc.  It can assemble Word, WordPerfect or PDF documents (depending on what version of HotDocs you purchase).  And it can pull the answer data from whatever database you may be using (including, of course, other Lexis products).  I hope this helps answer your question. 

Best regards,

Britt Knuttgen, HotDocs CIC

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Yes.  Exactly what you purchase, however, is going to depend on how you're using ProDoc and what your needs are:

1.  If you use ProDocs with a bundled set of templates (such as immigration forms), you may want to consider purchasing a set of forms that run on HotDocs, but do not include the full product (such form sets typically come with a free version of HotDocs that allows you to run the forms, but not homegrown ones).  Lexis (the publisher of HotDocs) and others publish form sets.

2.  If you want to develop your own forms (or hire someone to develop custom forms for you), then you will need to acquire the HotDocs software itself (the free version that comes with form sets will not suffice).


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