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LegalTech NY Discussion: Managing Social Media Content [video]

Apr 23, 2013 10:58 AM by
Amy Kovar
Amy Kovar
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In the series of blog posts about our LegalTech New York 2013 panel — "Taming the Wild West of Social Media: The Secrets of Social Media Success in the Legal Profession" — we've been recapping the importance of social media marketing for law firms. One aspect of social media that concerns many law firm marketers is how to effectively manage the type of content posted by their firm and the nature of social interactions involving their lawyers.

Panel moderator Steve Mann, chief marketing officer of the Research & Litigation Solutions business at LexisNexis, noted that many prominent online software platforms have built-in filters that require any content to be manually reviewed before it can be posted online. However, online social interactions that are conversational in nature can only be censored or managed to a certain extent.

Mann also asked our experts what strategies they see law firms employing to better manage social media content.

Stephen Fairley, chief executive officer of The Rainmaker Institute, observed that a growing number of law firms are relying on a simple model of "education-based marketing" to help them tightly control the volume and nature of social media content they push out online.

You can view a two-minute video segment of this piece of the panel discussion. Stay tuned next week for more details from the session.

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