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Old-School Rules for Gaining New Clients and Growing Your Business

Sep 13, 2012 11:19 AM by
Dee Latham
Dee Latham
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Whether you've just started your law practice or have an established firm, the rules of client acquisition are the same. As simple as it sounds, sometimes getting back to the basics is all it takes:


  • Keep consistent — Pay attention to all of your communications that you send to current clients or prospects. Mixed messaging or lack of fluidity among your marketing materials does not fit the example of an organized business — they only stress a lack of detail. Review your materials frequently to ensure that they are all "on the same page."
  • Follow up on leads — Prospects are golden. Make sure there is follow up on all leads, as a delayed return phone call or email is a missed opportunity.
  • Keep the lines of communication open — The more ways that a prospect can find your firm and contact you, the better! Websites, blogs, social media and legal forums such as Ask A Lawyer on Lawyers.comSM — a regulated environment where participating lawyers answer vetted legal questions from consumers — are ways to gain attention and attract leads. It's all about perception, and an online presence truly gives any business more legitimacy and credibility. It can also increase your market reach.
  • Know your competition — Frequently check out which services your competitors offer. Do they have weekend office hours? Free consultations? Every ounce of information can give you an advantage, as it may provide an idea of what to add to your firm at some point. Even if you have no intention of making a change, watching the competition is a wise way to stay on top of your market and trends.
  • Develop a strategy — How do all of your above efforts fit together? It requires a marketing strategy. Think of it as the lifeline that keeps you connected to prospects and clients. Depending upon your firm's business objectives, it can be very basic or incredibly detailed, but it should always be customized to your needs. Contact a Law Firm Marketing Specialist if you need help with this.
  • Promote your success — Are you an AV® Rated attorney? It's a professional accomplishment that should be highlighted. A notable way to validate your firm's capabilities and increase its credibility is with Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review RatingsTM and Client Review Ratings. Lawyer ratings raise your firm's standing in the legal community while boosting your legal networking potential.

Are you following the rules? By returning to the fundamentals, you can't go wrong.

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