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An Invitation to the Conversation: LexisNexis Debuts Social Media Service for Law Firms

Jan 31, 2012 03:04 PM by
Philip Livingston
Philip Livingston
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For the increasing numbers of legal consumers searching online for attorneys, social media matters now more than ever.

Research demonstrates that more consumers are turning to social media channels to inform their buying choices. For instance, 74% of consumers are using social networks in some way to guide purchase decisions, according to a 2011 study performed by digital marketing agency ODM Group.

Yet even as more consumers leverage social media for everything from researching legal issues to seeking opinions and referrals, fewer than 10% of law firms with up to 49 attorneys even have a legal blog for professional purposes, according to the 2011 Legal Technology Survey Report from the American Bar Association (ABA). And among those same firms polled by the ABA, fewer than 50% reported participating in online communities or maintaining a social network presence. (However, more than 72% of solo practitioners did report participation in social media.) 

Understandably, leveraging social media in a meaningful way to increase thought leadership and generate new clients is challenging for law firms-given they are pressed for time and must navigate evolving state bar ethical guidelines for online marketing.

Still, as the number of social network visitors continues to rise, so does your opportunity to reach a broader audience.

Social Media Services Designed Specifically for Lawyers     

Understanding how to leverage social media is critical to your firm's growth and longevity.  

Responding to this market need, we announced today at LegalTech® New York the launch of the LexisNexis® Social Media Visibility service, designed to enable solo practitioners and lawyers at smaller law firms to establish a solid, comprehensive, and manageable social media presence. (Read the full release.)

This service encompasses social media strategy, set-up and support, delivered by specialists that focus exclusively on the legal vertical.

We will help your firm build a credible social media presence through engaging blog content and exposure on top social media sites. The service includes creation of an exclusive blog page as well as guidance and assistance in crafting profiles and in generating and posting appropriate content on major social sites, including Facebook®, Twitter® and LinkedIn®. However, the firm always maintains full creative control of content posted.

Meanwhile, in addition to the release of LexisNexis Social Media Visibility, today at LegalTech New York we also announced the launch of a new portfolio of website products and services for law firms, called LexisNexis® Web Visibility Solutions, featuring search engine and mobile device optimization.

Each web product in the LexisNexis Web Visibility Solutions portfolio includes the features and optimization necessary for a law firm to compete effectively in specific practice and geographic areas.

These new search-engine optimized website solutions and social media services accentuate our robust portfolio of law firm marketing products. They deliver a powerful arsenal of tools to better enable your firm to project its unique reputation, strengths and personality and help you engage and win potential clients.

To begin developing your social media strategy, we offer free consultations and website evaluations for determining the capabilities you need-and those you don't. Please feel free to call us at 888.871.8813.

Learn more about the LexisNexis Social Media Visibility.

Learn more about LexisNexis Web Visibility Solutions.



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