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Tying Your Business Objectives to Your Blog

Jun 17, 2013 09:06 AM by
Steven Long
Steven Long
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For attorneys, finding topics and regularly blogging can be challenging enough. Figuring out how to tie your business objectives to your blog postings can be downright overwhelming. But if your blog isn't furthering your short- and long-term business goals, then there really won't be much payoff for all your efforts.

So how do you go about tying your business objectives to your blog? Here are a few tips:

  • Figure out what your business objectives are
    This may seem obvious, but have you ever defined where you want to be as a firm and a lawyer in six months? A year? Ten years? If you haven't, now is the time to start. Set aside some time to really think about this. There is no one right answer. Business objectives can vary, and they can be quantitative (maybe you want to grow your client base by X percent in the next 12 months) or qualitative (maybe you may want to increase your visibility among potential clients). Either way, take some time to identify what you want to accomplish professionally, which will help clarify what you should be blogging about. Which leads us to the next step....
  • Pick the right topics
    Finding original, brilliant content for blog posts can be hard work. Once you figure out what your objectives are, it should help you define what you should be blogging about. When choosing a topic, whether it's adding insights about a new legal development or providing commentary on a high-profile local case, think about how you can frame it in ways that will further your goals.
  • Define success and track your results
    Next, decide what you want your blog to accomplish. Maybe you want to identify how many comments you receive for each post. Maybe you want to have readers link back to your blog a certain number of times. Then, track your results regularly and adjust your strategy accordingly.

To learn more about achieving your business objectives through your blog, contact a LexisNexis Law Firm Marketing Specialist.

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