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Getting Value from Doing Good—How to Combine Pro Bono with Social Media

Aug 08, 2013 10:35 AM by
Steven Long
Steven Long
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You do good by doing pro bono work. But have you thought about how you can leverage that work you're already doing to help pay off with more clients? No? Well, you should — and it's probably easier than you thought.

By melding your pro bono work with your social media efforts, you not only can impress clients and potential clients with your volunteer efforts, but you can also exponentially increase your online reach. For those who follow you online, you can introduce them to your favorite causes. And by connecting to those causes on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms, you can introduce yourself and your firm to those people who follow and like those causes.

When lawyers market their pro bono efforts at all, it often just involves a press release or blurb on the law firm's website. Yet it's often easier to send out a quick tweet or LinkedIn update than it is to draft a press release.

By connecting through social media to the organizations that you support with your professional knowledge and skills, you can capture the attention of all the people who follow those organizations. Those people will read about your firm, and all the work you do on behalf of a cause they care about. You should also see if you can get those organizations to mention you and your firm in their social media outreach.

Once you have the backbone of a social media campaign in place, incorporating pro bono into it is easy and straightforward. Treat your pro bono work like you would any type of case result. Once you complete a pro bono project, send out a tweet. Write a blog about it, with pictures and quotes, if possible. Post a status update about it on your Facebook page, and if the organization you are supporting has a Facebook page, tag that too. Mention your pro bono work on LinkedIn. Or create a short video that you can post to YouTube.

To get a free social media evaluation and see if you are fully leveraging your pro bono work, call us at 866-799-3717, or click to contact a LexisNexis Law Firm Marketing Specialist.

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