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Social Media for Lawyers

Aug 23, 2011 03:37 PM by
Patrick Nicks
Patrick Nicks
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Social Media is quickly becoming common place for many practicing lawyers and law firms looking to network with clients and other firms in order to generate business.  However there are still many attorneys who believe that social media is "just a fad" or is just for teenagers to connect with their friends online.  If you are of the latter group you might want to read the rest of this blog and look at some of the articles I will be referencing.  Did you know that earlier this year Linkedin passed up Myspace as the #2 most popular social networking site?  Did you know that according to a study done last year that  64% of Twitter’s users are aged 35 or older & 61% of Facebook's users are aged 35 or older?  What is the average age for the clients you want to target?  There is a very entertaining video on Youtube that has some very eye opening statistics about social media.

Many attorneys use social media to showcase their knowledge and expertise on a particular topic or area of law.  For example When there are specific changes in legislation that could make a difference in someone's case.  Posting this information out to the internet through social media is a great way to increase visibility to your firm and to display your credibility.  In my "blog about blogging" I mention the three main pillars of successful online marketing for lawyers; Visibility, Credibility and Personality.  Engaging in social networking covers all three!

If you think it's difficult to get started I assure you it is not.  Here are some helpful links that will guide you through the process of setting up accounts with some of these networks.  Guide to setting up a Facebook page.  Guide to setting up a Twitter account.  Guide to setting up a Linkedin account.  

Social media can also play an important role in establishing and maintaining your online reputation.  Read my post about "How is Your Online Reputation" for more information on this.   

If you have any questions or would like assistance with your online marketing for lawyers please email me or just give me a call!


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