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“Follow the Money”: Why Your Law Firm Needs to Add Mobile Marketing!

Feb 28, 2013 11:52 AM by
Jason Weingarten
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In the Oscar-winning film "All the President's Men" informer Deep Throat tells investigative journalist Bob Woodward that the key to understanding the Watergate mystery is to "follow the money."

If you're wondering whether mobile marketing — paid search and smartphone/tablet display advertising — is right for you, I recommend that you do the same.

Consider these four points.

#1: Mobile device spending is exploding.

The number of people buying mobile devices and accessing the Internet on those devices hit a major milestone in 2012, with accelerated growth to come. According to Boston research firm Strategy Analytics, there are more than 1 billion smartphones in use globally. The researcher projects that number to double by 2015.

#2: Mobile ad spending has taken off.

With so many potential clients accessing the Web via mobile devices, is it any surprise mobile marketing is taking off as well?

According to the digital marketing gurus at eMarketer, mobile ad spending worldwide reached $8.4 billion in 2012, more than double the amount spent in 2011.  By 2016, eMarketer predicts that global spending on mobile advertising will nearly quadruple to roughly $36 billion.

More importantly, eMarketer reported the greatest increase in mobile search and display ad spending occurred in North America, especially in the United States, where it increased some 220 percent.

Mobile Impressions#3: Not all digital ads are created equal.

Not all digital ads are "mobile optimized." Your pay-per-click advertising must be as easy to read on a 3- to 4-inch smartphone display as it is to view on a laptop. Talk to your provider to make sure you are accommodating visitors from mobile devices.

Be sure your attorney Website — the place a person lands after clicking on the mobile ad — is mobile optimized. The mobile version must be simple, with only the most important information on the homepage.  Also, visitors are typing with their thumbs, so use pre-populated phone/email contact fields with check boxes and buttons, not text boxes.

#4: Follow the mobile spending trail to success.

Find your market by following the money. Increased spending on mobile devices is driving increased spending on mobile marketing. Talk to your provider about making mobile part of your marketing mix. It's 2013 and this is one trend your firm can't afford to miss.

To learn more about mobile marketing, contact a LexisNexis Law Firm Marketing Specialist.

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