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Your Website, Yourself — Making Your Online Presence a True Reflection of Your Firm [part 2 of 3]

Mar 21, 2013 02:30 PM by
David Wodnicki
David Wodnicki
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In my last blog post, I talked about your website as a reflection of your practice. Here, I'll offer some insights into the messages your website is sending to potential clients. In the third part, I'll talk about trusted sources who can help you judge whether your website is sending the messages you want it to.

Most lawyers don't spend their spare time as website developers or webmasters. So you may not have the best perspective on your own website. Even if your website has the right "look," it may not convey the right message you are trying to send about your practice, your achievements and your style as a lawyer.

At the end of the day, you want a website that will help convince clients and would-be clients that you can help them with their legal issues. At least, you want a website that will encourage them to contact you. After all, how can someone who won't even meet with you then hire you? Can prospective clients trust you enough to want to meet with you solely based upon your website?

Let's face it, when you look at many law firm websites, they feature the exact same trio of images: the scales of justice, an old-fashioned court house and a city skyline. Nice, but basically meaningless. Clients know that you are a lawyer, and they don't need to see the scales of justice to tell them that. These kinds of images don't convey anything about you, your experience and your practice. Some people only need to hire a lawyer once in their lives — and when they Google your firm, you want to give them a reason to be their first choice.

In order to set yourself apart from all other lawyers out there, you need to show clients something about you. It could be as easy as putting up a picture of yourself and the other lawyers in the firm on your website.

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