Insurance Practice Center

Efficiently manage your workflow with a single point of access to comprehensive resources for insurance law.

Tap into a one-stop shop of content and tools designed specifically to help you with your transactional needs related to insurance law. Take advantage of an intuitive, task-based interface that guides you to the information you need-quickly and easily.

  • Meet your daily demands
  • Gain the latest intelligence
  • Provide informed counsel
  • Evaluate and minimize risk
  • Save time and money

  • Emerging Issues Analysis & News
    Read what experts say about ongoing and emerging issues related to insurance law, such as the current financial environment, healthcare reform, subprime lending and climate change. Tap into 30,000+ news sources-local and regional publications plus national powerhouses like The Wall Street Journal®.
  • Policy Provision Resources
    Find and analyze policy provisions with Miller’s Standard Insurance Policies Annotated and ISO® language and model policies-exclusively available from LexisNexis®. Also get guidance from IRMI®, National Underwriter and other resources.
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Surveys with Analysis
    Access multi-jurisdictional surveys with analysis to easily compare state insurance laws and understand variations.
  • Exclusive Coverage Analysis
    Gain insight from exclusive resources such as Appleman on Insurance and New Appleman Insurance Law Practice Guide. Also find 50-state assessments of critical coverage topics and stay current with Mealey’s Litigation Reports.
  • Fact-Finding & Risk Evaluation Tools
    Investigate businesses or individuals and compile in-depth reports with extensive offerings, including LexisNexis® Dossier, Comprehensive Person and Business Reports and Best Company reports.
  • Model Documents
    Find documents organized by line of insurance, including auto, disability, D&O, E&O and health. Draft pleadings and motions and locate ISO policy language-quickly and easily.
  • Market Conduct Reports
    Consult market conduct examinations to monitor the marketing, advertising, policyholder services, underwriting, rating and claims practices of insurers and producers.
  • Redlined Insurance Regulations
    Stay up-to-date with the full text of regulatory materials–including new language deemed necessary by relevant agencies for the continued enforcement of an existing administrative code or a new statute–as well as updates of indexes, technical and grammatical corrections.
  • Compliance Resources
    Compare requirements across multi-state jurisdictions, track pending legislation and find NAIC model laws and other materials.
  • Liability & Damage Information
    Get exclusive analysis from Matthew Bender® treatises, Mealey; reports, briefs, motions and jury instructions.
  • Meet Your Daily Demands
    Discover content and tools designed specifically for the way you work-so you can meet your daily demands and accomplish more for your organization.
  • Gain the Latest Intelligence
    Get expert opinions and analysis on emerging issues related to insurance law-anticipate their impact and be prepared with plans that best position your organization for success.
  • Provide Informed Counsel
    Quickly compare laws using multi-jurisdictional surveys with analysis, research compliance issues via comprehensive pending and enacted statutory/regulatory sources and stay current with Mealey insurance news, reports and pleadings to deliver advice on complex matters.
  • Evaluate & Minimize Risk
    Conduct due diligence on individuals and get information on more than 43 million public/private companies with LexisNexis® Comprehensive Person and Business Reports.
  • Save Time & Money
    Access multi-jurisdictional surveys with expert analysis and save the time and money that would have been spent searching through codes, regulations and cases. Find documents organized by line of insurance and draft motions/pleadings quickly and easily.
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