Real Estate Practice Center

LexisNexis® Real Estate Practice Center

Explore a wealth of sources on Real Property Law for any residential or commercial real estate transaction. Take advantage of an intuitive, task-based interface that guides you to the information you need—quickly and easily.

  • Gain the latest intelligence
  • Develop sound strategies
  • Stay in compliance
  • Increase efficiencies and save time
  • Evaluate and minimize risk

  • Emerging Issues Analysis & News
    Read what experts say about ongoing and emerging issues related to real property law, such as climate change and green buildings, subprime lending and condemnation. Tap into 20,000+ news sources, information on pending/enacted legislation and other industry-related materials.
  • Authoritative Analysis
    Consult authoritative analysis to choose an appropriate vehicle of ownership, identify zoning requirements/issues and understand tax/financing options. Leverage exclusive resources such as Powell on Real Property®—the premier Real Estate Law treatise cited more than 1800 times by the courts.
  • Compliance & Disclosure Requirements
    Take advantage of a comprehensive collection of state statutes and regulations to identify and satisfy disclosure requirements, assess ownership laws and view codes—and research particular issues and topics such as brownfields or variances.
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Surveys with Analysis
    Analyze jurisdictional issues across all 50 states with multi-jurisdictional surveys on a variety of real estate topics, such as broker disclosures, brownfields, and foreclosure rights and disclosures.
  • Comprehensive Library of Forms & Agreements
    Draft complete transactional agreements or update existing agreements with additional or alternative clauses pertinent to real estate entities, sales, like-kind exchanges, development, construction and leases.
  • Risk Evaluation & Due Diligence Tools
    Conduct environmental due diligence, research properties, find adjacent landowners and investigate businesses or individuals to thoroughly assess a transaction and develop a sound strategy.
  • Environmental FirstSearch Gateway
    Access Environmental FirstSearch through a LexisNexis® gateway to conduct environmental site research in minutes. Receive a summary or detailed report via e-mail that provides an organized, professional compilation of required site information.
  • Gain the Latest Intelligence
    Stay current on the hottest topics in real estate with expert commentaries, targeted news sources and other coverage—anticipate developments and be prepared with plans that best position you for success.
  • Develop Sound Strategies
    Thoroughly assess the transaction and develop a sound strategy with expert guidance from exclusive resources such as Mathew Bender® and Powell on Real Property—the most authoritative and comprehensive Real Estate Law treatise, cited more than 1800 times by the courts.
  • Stay In Compliance
    Identify and satisfy disclosure requirements, assess state ownership laws and view codes to stay in compliance. Easily determine legal implications by consulting multi-jurisdictional surveys for summaries of the laws for all 50 states on a variety of real estate topics.
  • Increase Efficiencies & Save Time
    Tap into one source for all of your real estate documents and gain access to hundreds of complete transactional agreements. Locate additional and alternative clauses pertaining to real estate entities, sales, like-kind exchanges, development, construction and leases.
  • Evaluate & Minimize Risk
    Reference environmental site records, public records, news sources, court records and industry reports to conduct comprehensive due diligence on individuals/businesses and mitigate risk.
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