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Adult Adoption as an Estate Planning Tool

Adult adoption can be utilized as an estate planning tool to secure inheritance rights for the adoptee or to formalize an existing parent-child relationship. In recent years, adult adoptions have become more popular as a mechanism to provide protection...

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Phil Bernstein on Changes in New York Power of Attorney Law

On this edition, Philip Bernstein of Garden City, N.Y. discusses some of the recent changes in New York power of attorney law, including what led to the revisions, differences from past forms and the impact of the new provisions. Copyright© 2009...

Marc Soss
New Developments Impact Estate Planning for Same Gender Couples

Over the years, estate planning attorneys have drafted documents for same sex couples (legally married, civil union, or domestic partnership) without knowledge of whether the couple's relationship would ever receive federal recognition. Only couples...

Aaron Skloff
Partnership Qualified Long Term Care Insurance Policies

Some insurance companies offer Partnership Qualified long term care insurance policies. Following is an explanation of what those policies entail and what advantages they may provide, as well as background on the New York State Partnership for Long Term...

Peter K. Kelly
Kinship and Pedigree Evidence

In various proceedings in the Surrogate’s Court the issue of proving that a party is a distributee of the deceased arises. Sometimes, a person’s status as a distributee is an issue concerning filing objections to probate pursuant to SCPA 1410...

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LexisNexis Estate and Elder Law Community Staff
LexisNexis Survey: Legal Community Deeply Divided On Business Issues, Impact Of Economic Downturn, Future Of The Industry

A new national survey reveals deep divisions between corporate counsel and private practice attorneys over the current state of the legal industry, the impact of the economic downturn and what the future holds for the law firm business model. The just...