Latest Legal Apps Help You Save Time

If you’ve ever misplaced your iPhone, Blackberry, cell phone or favorite electronic toy, you quickly realize how much you depend on it as a time-saving tool. Certain apps increase our productivity, allow us to work in such crazy places as the grocery store or during our commute. Some are free, but we’re willing to pay the price for the good ones.
The ABA Journal features 70 of the newest and hottest apps that are quickly becoming favorites for lawyers.    A quick review of   "70 Sizzling Apps"  immediately showed me how to get around my former inability to open and view Word, Excel or PowerPoint attachments sent to my blackberry with   Quickoffice.    
Research and reference are made easy with apps such as WaffleTurtle—containing the Federal Rules of Evidence or Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Title 11 of the Bankruptcy Code and much, much more.
The Journal notes that digital dictation is very popular and recommends BigHand and WinScribe. Google has even come up with an app, Google Mobile,  that lets you say your search term to launch your internet search, and it’s free.    If you are Tweet-obsessed, check out TwitterBerry or the free app Twitterrific.
Click here for the full list of attorney-favorite-apps. Don’t forget to check out the LexisNexis download page for free widgets, gadgets and other useful tools.
Posted by Lori Webster Sieron, Lexis Hub Staff