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Estate Tax, AMT, etc - Has Washington forgetten about the Other Taxes?
Posted on 6 Dec 2010 by Deirdre R. Wheatley-Liss

So Dem and GOP appear to all agree to extend this years income tax rates to next year - avoiding a jump in income and capital gains taxes when the ball falls on New Years Eve. This has been greeted with great fanfare in the press and an apparent sigh... Read More

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Ballard Spahr LLP: IRS Announces that Gifts to Single-Member LLCs Owned by Charitable Organizations Are Deductible
Posted on 16 Aug 2012 by Ballard Spahr LLP

By Jean C. Hemphill and Christopher A. Jones The IRS has published welcome, long-awaited guidance regarding the deductibility of contributions made to a single-member limited liability company (LLC) owned by a charitable organization. For a variety... Read More

Tax Court Memo 2010-104: A New IRS Tool for Valuing Gifts of Undivided Interests in Real Property
Posted on 21 Jun 2010 by Genevieve M. Moore, Esq.

A recent Tax Court decision has caught the attention of estate planners and appraisers because of its implications for gifts of undivided interests in real property. The case at issue is Ludwick v. Comm'r, T.C. Memo 2010-104 (May 10, 2010) . In Ludwick... Read More

New IRS Regulations For Estates and Trusts
Posted on 29 May 2012 by Marc J. Soss

The IRS has issued final regulations ( T.D. 9582 ) requiring that a provision in a trust, will, or local law that specifically indicates the source out of which amounts are to be paid, permanently set aside, or used for a charitable purpose must have... Read More

Year-End Tax Planning Tips
Posted on 14 Dec 2011 by Sandra L. Smith

With the holidays upon us, it's time to do some planning that can help reduce your tax bill this year. Contributing to your retirement plan is a fast and easy way to cut your taxes, while building your nest egg. The federal limit for 401(k) contributions... Read More