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Everyone’s Trying to Get in on the Act

I saw an ad today for a university-sponsored legal project management1 course for in-house counsel.

I checked out the instructors, figuring that a reputable university would of course engage one of the specialists in this area. In this case I assumed it would be one of my colleague-competitors, since the course was news to me.

I have great respect for a number of my colleagues in this area. While of course I believe that my organization delivers the best experience, I have no doubt that attendees will be in good hands with those colleague-competitors. We've spoken many times and even appeared on occasion on the same program, and I know that our core approaches are aligned even where our styles and the details differ. I also know what their experience is in this field. Indeed, together we make up the complete group of experienced instructors in this field.

So I was rather surprised to discover that none of them were teaching this course either. One of the listed instructors is a finance person with no visible project management or legal experience. One's a full-time teacher with no visible project management, legal, or corporate experience. And one's an IT guy with no visible legal experience, though he does have a PMI (Project Management Institute) certification.

If you want to learn about Legal Project Management, learn about it from the professionals. If you're in-house counsel, will you really get the best. most relevant, and most useful information from that university-based course? I'd be happy to put you in touch with my colleague-competitors as well as share information on how we at Lexician do it. LPM has too much potential to help both firms and departments for me to sit by and ignore stuff like this.

That course may work out okay, but I know you'll learn best from the folks who've been writing about it, teaching it, and doing it for years.

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