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Soaking the Rich the Right Way
Posted on 20 Sep 2010 by Christopher Bergin

You can't turn to any media lately without hearing the great debate about whether we should extend the so-called Bush tax cuts to "the rich" or just extend them for "the middle class." But when they talk about "the rich,"... Read More

Call Their Bluff, Mr. President
Posted on 30 Nov 2010 by David Cay Johnston

Will President Obama cave on yet another of his campaign promises, this time by giving in to Republican demands to extend all of the temporary Bush tax cuts? The president signaled this on his Asia trip when he said his principal concern was retaining... Read More

Warner's Solution to the Tax Cut Conundrum
Posted on 17 Nov 2010 by Robert Goulder

You know the story by now. If Congress doesn't renew them by the end of the year, the Bush tax cuts will expire and tax rates will return to the levels that existed when Bill Clinton was in office. That means the top marginal rate on ordinary income... Read More

Small Things Come in Small Packages - The 2010 Small Business Jobs Act
Posted on 28 Sep 2010 by Mark A. Muntean

I didn't think I would ever say this, but it can be good to be small. President Obama's Small Business Jobs Act (H.R. 5297) is intended to benefit both small businesses and small business lenders. The House passed the 2010 Tax Act on Thursday... Read More