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Insight is Everything: Harnessing the Power of Media Intelligence

With all the time and effort it takes to create a media campaign; it's essential to understand who you're reaching and how the public responds to your message. Measuring this through media intelligence gives you a clear picture of your effectiveness in attracting your desired customers and how to hone your message.

What is Media Intelligence?

Media intelligence allows you to measure the impact of your news, public, and social content by providing a clear picture of where your organization stands in the vast media landscape.

Media intelligence teams find ways to objectively measure information on media coverage to help companies better understand where they stand against the competition and how their content is performing. It can be helpful to quantify data on media performance, breaking down what channels cover them, the type of coverage, and how it changes from one quarter to the next.

Measuring Your Impact

The measurement process should be tailored to the organization's communications goals and objectives. Examples of standard analysis areas include:

  • Assessing overall media coverage and analyzing that coverage for its sentiment, key themes, topics, and key messages.
  • Geographical analysis of where the coverage occurs and whether it is negative or positive, along with key themes, topics, and messages by region.
  • Competitive or share of voice analysis to understand strength and positioning against key peers or competitors in the market.
  • Industry analysis to uncover significant trends affecting relevant industries, key messages, and public perception.
  • Campaign analysis to determine the level of penetration a particular campaign or specific message is achieving in the market.

Measuring and quantifying information help companies better visualize where they stand and how they can adjust their media strategy in the future. Developing a clear presentation of how the public gets your message allows a company to know what's working and where there is room for improvement.

Managing Your Reputation and Building Trust

Access to information in real-time is critical in helping mitigate negative coverage and build your public image. Reputation is everything, and this is especially true for a company's brand. Through the power of measuring and analyzing things like media coverage, content views, and public perception, you can understand how the public perceives you by quantifying it.

You can use this as an opportunity to remind the public about your company's values, strengths, and achievements. Knowledge is power when managing your reputation, and media intelligence helps you use it to your advantage. It paves the way for you to help turn things around and recover if coverage is negative.

In addition to reputation management, public relations efforts allow companies to develop credibility with customers, stakeholders, and the public. Media intelligence is vital in helping companies position themselves as leaders in their chosen industries through sharing insights, expertise, and informative content.

In today’s fast-moving and constantly evolving media landscape, a strong media intelligence plan is essential in maintaining the health and effectiveness of a company's brand.

Putting it All Together

Whatever your brand goals are, media intelligence empowers you by giving you complete control over your public image and helps fuel your success. Knowing how to measure and use this information empowers your company by strengthening your marketing strategy.

When developing a media intelligence plan, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Companies need to stay on top of the latest news, maximize their social media channels, and ensure their message reaches not just their targeted customers but is optimized to reach the right media outlets.

Implementing an effective strategy involves a lot of moving parts and robust analysis. Staying on top of the latest trends, measuring public sentiment, and capturing a solid data framework requires specialized expertise.

The monitoring that goes along with a media intelligence plan is considerable, and not every company has the in-house resources to do this. Enlisting the help of experts with the latest tools and trained insight is a worthwhile investment. With Nexis Media Intelligence Research and Analytics, you have access to the best data tools and our team of experts. Ready to get started? Contact our team of experts to learn more!

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