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AIA and LexisNexis IP® Solutions

AIA and LexisNexis IP® Solutions

The America Invents Act obviously has a big impact on how patents are developed, maintained and protected. From first-to-file to post-grant and inter partes review changes going into effect this Fall, big changes are occurring in the patent world. And that means you’ll need to be faster (while at the same time even more thorough) to the USPTO with your patent applications and ready to protect that patent under the new rules.

The importance of full-text and English translations in your research

The claims are the heart of a patent. That’s where you get the information that will best inform and support your decisions. In order to get to the claims, you need access to the full-text of a patent. And in order to fully understand it, you most likely need to be able to search and read it in English. The TotalPatent® service has 100 patent authorities, 30 of them in full text, including Asian and other non-Latin authorities with English translations. And with must-have tools for searching and analyzing all those authorities, you can save time AND be confident you’re covering all the bases in your research.

The importance of internal consistency in your patent applications

The strength of a patent, and your defense of it, is rooted in its quality. Is it consistent across claims? Are all the reference figures and part numbers labeled correctly? Are you sure of the antecedent basis? PatentOptimizer software has features that can help improve the quality of your patent applications. With streamlined process and linkages to outside sources such as dictionaries and thesauri, TotalPatent, Web search engines, and LexisNexis®, you can complete your application faster AND be confident that it is of the highest quality to avoid any hold ups in the review process.

The importance of thorough analysis

Many business decisions and litigation strategies are based on a thorough analysis of a patent or patent portfolio. From uncovering antecedent anomalies to locating claim elements that lack support or finding phrase differentials between claims and descriptions, your analysis of a patent can help your company determine the next step in critical litigation strategies. And when analyzing business decisions and opportunities, you often need to perform statistical and substantive analysis across an entire patent portfolio. PatentOptimizer can help you quickly get to the detailed information you need and be confident that your analysis is thorough.

Whether you’re creating applications or analyzing patents for litigation and business decisions, you need to be fast, thorough, and fully informed. We can help.

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