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1 Jul 2023 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

LexisNexis® Expert Witness Toolkit

The Expert Witness Toolkit is designed to help you complete your Expert Witness research more efficiently as it relates to the LexisNexis® products you have access to. The kit includes helpful checklists for the most common Expert Witness use cases that include recommended LexisNexis products, sources, sample searches and tips to help you maximize your available resources. We recognize that a variety of resources are used for Expert Witness research, including the open web, social media, etc. This toolkit specifically includes LexisNexis products that legal professionals use for Expert Witness research purposes. Depending on the Expert Witness request and the LexisNexis products you subscribe to, portions of or all of the research suggestions in this checklist may be applicable.

Thank you to the many law librarians and Expert Witness specialists who reviewed and shared feedback and guidance informing the content and format for this toolkit.


  1. Expert Witness Research Checklists:
  2. Product Descriptions and Resources Index
    A list of products with brief descriptions and links to product support and training pages and/or user guides.

  • Context: a unique case law language analytics solution for litigators and business development professionals that is only available on the Lexis® service. It leverages machine learning and natural language processing to extract language-based analytical insights to assist attorneys and other legal professionals with their tasks. Gain insight into competing firms representing litigants, into the language of judges in those cases and into the challenges to experts’ testimony.
    • Context Modules:
      • Expert Analytics
      • Judge Analytics
      • Court Analytics
      • Company Analytics
    • Using Expert Analytics:
      • Gain fast access to an overview of the expert’s background and experience, including CVs and statistics for cases and jurisdictions where the expert testified.
      • Gain insights into federal challenges to the expert’s testimony, as well as the judge’s language around the outcome of the challenge.
      • Find experts based on an area of expertise and refine by geography, by hiring party and more.

Context Quick Reference Guide

  • Lexis®CourtLink®the leading online authority for searching, profiling, tracking, alerting and retrieving U.S. federal and state court dockets and documents. With access to more than 1,250 state courts online, the CourtLink® service has the legal industry’s largest and most detailed collection of court dockets and documents. Generate CourtLink® Strategic Profiles of litigants, law firms, attorneys and judges.

CourtLink Support & Training

  • Nexis Diligencean easy-to-use web-based interface featuring global, business and legal news, U.S. public records and regulatory content that helps users significantly reduce the time and expense of conducting due diligence. The product helps customers mitigate their operational, financial, legal and reputational risk, while effectively evaluating and monitoring existing and potential business partners, clients, suppliers, grant applicants, acquisition targets and other third-party entities. Nexis Diligence also links to LexisNexis SmartLinx® Business Reports and People Reports which simplify public records business research by combining more than 13,000 sources of business, commercial and consumer data.
    • Conduct your due diligence with a Person Check (good for experts) or Company Check.
    • Research premium business intelligence with millions of public and private company profiles, in-depth country risk analysis reports, news, biographical sources and legal sources.

Nexis Diligence Support & Training

  • Nexis®Dossier: a searchable reporting tool that provides in-depth information on 240M+ companies, 75M executives and 1,000 industries, including many smaller, private companies customers have been asking for. With one search, users receive a comprehensive report about existing and prospective clients, business partners, vendors and competitors.
    • Locate information on executives.
    • Create lists of companies or executives via easy-to-use templates.
    • Set up alerts on companies and executives.

Nexis Dossier Support & Training

  • Law360®provides breaking news and intelligence covering litigation, policy developments, corporate deals and more across dozens of practice areas, industries and jurisdictions.
    • Track legal activity to identify new business opportunities.
    • Subscribe to specialized practice area and geographic newsletters.

Law360 resource page

  • Lex Machina®provides legal analytics that help law firms craft successful strategies, win cases and close business.
    • Mine litigation data, revealing insights never before available about judges, lawyers, parties and the subjects of the cases themselves.
    • Discover industry trends through analysis of litigation behavior of specific parties or entire party groups.
    • Assess firm experience and identify strategic advantages with the venue, judge and similar parties.
    • Review client lists for conflicts of interest.

Lex Machina Resource Page

  • Lexis®/Lexis+™: a comprehensive and easy-to-use legal research system. The Lexis service helps legal professionals find, review, analyze, save, annotate and share results for expert witness materials, case law, legislation, agency materials, public records, premier (and exclusive) secondary materials, news, legal news, company and financial information, and much more.

The Lexis+ service adds to that with integration of Practical Guidance materials, Litigation Analytics and Brief Analysis.

Lexis Support & Training
Lexis+ Support & Training

  • Lexis Medical Navigator®: combines case facts with medical research materials, legal research content, expert witness information and public records in one single, interactive tool.
    • Identify, vet and investigate expert witnesses.
    • Gain medical and legal insights with exclusive sources and interactive tools.
    • Assess case value.
    • Prepare with standard of care and other medical background information.

              Lexis Medical Navigator Support & Training

  • Nexis Newsdesk™: a media-monitoring solution that mines and analyzes vast amounts of information, delivering highly relevant and customized intelligence to each stakeholder within the firm/agency/organization, giving them a distinct knowledge advantage. The Nexis Newsdesk service provides comprehensive global news and social media coverage (from the past 100 days), including LexisNexis licensed news sources and thousands of web news, blogs and other sources from 200+ countries, available in 90+ languages.
    • 4M+ articles are added daily.
    • Monitor companies, law firms, industries, attorneys and other people/experts or subjects of interest related to the area of expertise.
    • Research fast with simple search or use more complex Boolean searches.
    • Share insights through newsletters within your firm.
    • Spot trends in coverage easily through analytics.

Nexis Newsdesk Support & Training

  • LexisNexis PatentAdvisor®: [description and resources link to come]

  • Lexis Product Liability Navigator™: gives you broad and deep insight, quickly searching beyond case law and across the variety of information types that are key to any product liability case. Results are presented in a visual format that tells a story so decisions can be made quickly.
    • Understand value of a case
    • Lessen your risk
    • Save time and resources
    • One point of reference with unique filters and Lexis content
    • Find Expert Witnesses with the most experience regarding your product

Lexis Product Liability Navigator Support & Training

  • LexisNexis® Public Records: comprehensive collection of 84B+ public records that reveals unexpected connections between people, places and property.

LexisNexis Pubic Records site

  • LexisNexis SmartLinx®: a powerful investigative tool that helps users establish connections between people, businesses and locations. A single search combs through billions of public records, enabling users to verify identifiers (e.g., addresses, dates of birth, corporate filing status) and determine if any red flags (e.g., bankruptcies, liens, judgments) could indicate financial or operational risk.
    • Find information on individuals.
    • Find information on businesses/law firms (large and small).

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Training Center

  • LexisNexis TotalPatent One®: use for content-comprehensive patent research, analysis and retrieval service available anywhere. The TotalPatent One® collection represent the most comprehensive, searchable, online collection of full-text and bibliographic patent information in the world in both their native languages as well as English machine translations. Additionally, TotalPatent One offers the ability to search and display by either records or patent families.
    • Covers U.S. and international patents.
    • Find patents owned by/assigned to companies.
    • Find patents invented by/owned by individuals.
    • Find patents represented by law firms or attorneys.

TotalPatent One Training Videos

  • LexisNexis® Verdict & Settlement Analyzer: using data-driven analysis from the industry’s largest collection of verdicts and settlements, LexisNexis Verdict & Settlement Analyzer quickly puts the range of possible outcomes into perspective with easy-to-interpret charts and dynamic graphs. Tap into the entire collection of LexisNexis verdict and settlement data—1.2M+ records—each time you search. Get a visual overview of verdicts and settlements related to litigants, injuries, topics, award amounts, jurisdictions and more—utilizing the nation’s largest collection of verdict and settlement documents.
    • Evaluate “what-if” scenarios for potential outcomes based on analytics using pinpoint filters.
    • Post-search filters include 500 injury filters, to narrow results to injury types specific to your case.
    • Search Within allows you to narrow results to a specific expert.

LexisNexis Verdict & Settlement Analyzer Support & Training