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Product Spotlight: Litigation Analytics on Lexis+®

January 18, 2021 (2 min read)

This post was originally published in January 2021 and was updated in March 2023. 

Litigation Analytics joins Legal Research, Practical Guidance and Brief Analysis as the industry’s only end-to-end litigation experience. From understanding your judge’s behavior and courtroom trends, to knowing your competition’s track record, you can now ensure the success of your firm or organization and safeguard the quality of your work—all in a single workflow.

Litigation Analytics comes complete with key data for litigators to craft strategies that maximize their chance of success. The answers to questions like “What do the behavior trends of my judge or court mean for my case?” and “Which specific cases has my opposing counsel previously litigated?” can all be found via the latest in Lexis+® litigation tools. 


Accessible via the Experience Dock, Lexis+ Litigation Analytics powered by Lex Machina® and CourtLink® allows you to accurately and efficiently source the data you need via two pathways—Search and Quick Tools. 

Get essential background on entities like Federal and State courts and judges, Opposing or Outside Counsel, and Law Firms with a quick entry into the Search Bar.

In addition to searchable insights, Litigation Analytics on Lexis+ provides litigators with comparison data on judges, courts, attorneys and firms, to accelerate litigation success:

Courts & Judges Comparator 

Review the experience of the judge presiding over your motion and the history of cases presented in your court against other judges and jurisdictions with assistance from the Courts & Judges Comparator.


Compare top practice areas, filings over time, cases within a specific area of law, overall timing and damages, more easily and more efficiently than ever before. You’ll get a better sense of judge behavior and courtroom trends over time, allowing you to make data-driven decisions when proposing a venue or pursuing a transfer to another district. 

Counsel Comparator

Thoroughly vetting and reviewing  opposing or outside counsel can help you identify strategic advantages that maximize your opportunity for success in court. The Litigation Analytics Counsel Comparator from Lexis+ allows litigators to review and compare the track records of attorneys and law firms, with the leading data on  case experience, open or terminated cases, party role, total filings, timing, damages and top clients/parties. 


With Lexis+ Litigation Analytics, enjoy exclusive Enhanced coverage powered by industry-leading LexMachina® analytics, featuring data extracted from millions of underlying court documents—data that is often omitted from the face of the docket, for even greater depth and accuracy. 

Experience Results with Litigation Analytics on Lexis+

Ensure your firm’s success with the most relevant data-driven litigation insights available. That’s the promise of Litigation Analytics plus Legal Research, Practical Guidance and Brief Analysis: an end-to-end litigation experience, designed for results at every stage.

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