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LexisNexis® Updates for Legal Products & Content - Q4 2022

January 24, 2023 (2 min read)

Lexis+® is an integrated legal research solution, designed to make research easy and efficient. The new features on Lexis+ and Verdict & Settlement Analyzer® help save you time and give you more control over how your research is done. Learn more about the recent updates to Lexis+ and other Lexis products in the final quarter of 2022.  

Legislation Compare 

Compare versions of a bill to quickly see how it has adapted throughout the legislative process. With a single click, see what text was added or removed as the bill moved through the legislature.  

(Example of Legislation Compare; Click to Enlarge)


Court Documents Tab 

Court filings can now be accessed from the top toolbar of a case. Quickly see how many briefs, pleadings, or motions are available for your case.  

(Example of Court Documents tab; Click to Enlarge)


Jurisdiction Sorting in Folders  

Documents in a folder can now be sorted by jurisdiction. Quickly see binding or persuasive authorities together in your folder.  

(Example of Jurisdiction Heading in Folders, Click to Enlarge) 


Narrow Results with Query Builder 

Create effective search queries with the most commonly used terms and connectors. In Search Within Results, hover over a connector to learn more about it or click to add it to your search query. Narrow your results and find engaging documents faster using this new Search Within Results feature.  

(Example of Query Builder in Search Within Results, Click to Enlarge) 


Verdict & Settlement Analyzer Gender and Age Filters 

Find verdicts and settlements more like yours with age and gender filters. After you search in Verdict & Settlement Analyzer, the gender and age filters can be found in the left-hand “Narrow By” panel.  

(Example of Additional Filters in Verdict & Settlement Analyzer, Click to Enlarge) 


Learn more about these updates and more with Training on the Go. For one-on-one assistance with any of our features or updates, sign up to meet with a Research Consultant.


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