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3 Capabilities to Adopt for Improved Media Intelligence

August 27, 2021 (4 min read)

The path to optimized and beneficial media intelligence can be a difficult one to find. The avalanche of incoming news and social commentary grows bigger by the way. And the more media you’re expected to monitor and analyze, the less effective your media intelligence efforts can become. Unless, of course, you have a solid media analytics foundation in place with the tools and capabilities needed to overcome the sheer quantity of media information that exists in the world today. Then and only then can you truly derive the kinds of actionable insights that help realize the full potential of your PR and marketing campaigns.

So, if you’re in the market for a solution that can help optimize your media intelligence, here are three key features to be on the lookout for.

Feature #1: Access to a comprehensive, global content collection

If you want to eliminate any blind spots in your media monitoring, then the more datasets your media intelligence platform taps into, the better. For example, our Nexis Metabase solution streams news and social data directly to your media monitoring and analytics tools as a single and enriched XML data feed. Through an easy-to-integrate fire hose API, Nexis Metabase offers access to an average of between three to five million news articles and social commentary posts per day in over 90 languages and more than 235 countries and territories.

You can curate this data feed to ensure you only receive the most relevant datasets comprised of open web and licensed content, so you spend less time data wrangling and more time monitoring news coverage and social commentary on your brand, rival companies, customers, products, trends, events, and relevant topics that impact your business.

Nexis Newsdesk is another one our global media monitoring solutions that gives you access to a comprehensive collection of data from broadcast, print, news, social commentary, and publisher sources. In fact, with either Nexis Metabase or Nexis Newsdesk, you gain the benefit of having an unrivaled collection of media content you won’t find anywhere else, with datasets from more than 80,000 web, broadcast, and print news sources and 100 million social commentary posts from 2.5 social media feeds.

Feature #2: Search refinement capabilities

The effectiveness of your media monitoring and analytics tools hinges on the speed in which they can access relevant, enriched media data. Likewise, your teams of marketing and PR specialists need the ability to quickly search a wealth of data and get to the information they need for fast and informed decision making.

To help your business gain a comprehensive view of the media landscape, look for a media intelligence tool that lets you filter and serve targeted news and social commentary across your company intranet, business portal, search engine, and proprietary databases and applications.

Nexis Newsdesk gives you the ability to quickly search news and events from magazines, newspapers, journals, press releases, websites and social commentary—and then apply post-search filters to refine the results by source location, country, document elements such as headline or byline, and more.

Feature #3: Capabilities that lead to a greater number of better-quality media insights

When searching for a media intelligent platform, make sure you keep the number one goal of having such a platform in the first place at top of mind: To uncover relevant historical and recent data that inform your media analytics and ultimately improve the outcomes of your decision making. Yes, features one and two on our list are important must-haves, but feature three is paramount if you actually want to put your media intelligence to good use.

So, what are the capabilities that lead to better media insights? For starters, look for a media intelligence tool that lets you customize your dashboard and share it with your team members. This way, you can ensure you always have a front-row seat to the most relevant media developments you deem most important. In the case of Nexis Newsdesk, you can compile widgets that:

  • Display positive and negative media mentions of you and your competitors
  • Visualize media coverage of your brand over time
  • Monitors the total media reach of your company and others

Another key capability is data visualization that you can interact with, drill down into, and use to identify local or global trends. When you can visualize your data, you can also better understand the implications of that data on brand sentiment and more. Additionally, does the media intelligence tool you’re considering offer context to your media coverage over time? Because we highly recommend you consider a solution that does. The ability to apply context across a span of media coverage ensures you can form actionable insights—rather than make mere observations—that help you better meet your marketing, PR, or business objectives.

If you can find a media intelligence solution with these three features, then you can make the most of your media monitoring and media analytics efforts. Start down the path toward improved brand sentiment analyses, effective marketing and PR campaigns, and actionable media insights with our Nexis Newsdesk and Nexis Metabase solutions.