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How Non-Profits Can Do More with Research

January 16, 2023

The right research tools not only empower and improve for-profit enterprises, but non-profits as well. In fact, many non-profit organizations across education, healthcare and community services rely on Nexis®  for Development Professionals to help them fulfill their missions. Here’s a snapshot of the many benefits that Nexis®  can offer most organizations devoted to doing good.

Build highly detailed donor dossiers

If your non-profit is like most, it relies heavily on the generosity of donors—particularly those that make recurring or sizeable gifts. The more your organization knows about its key donors, the more effectively it can communicate with them and find new ways to deepen and strengthen these critical relationships.

Nexis® for Development Professionals can help you to update existing donor profiles and create new ones, identifying individuals’ interests and hobbies, political and religious affiliations, past giving histories and even other indicators of wealth. You can easily extract a whole host of relevant donor data from the Nexis® databases that cover SEC filings, mergers and acquisitions, political contributions and much more.

Identify promising prospective donors

No matter how large and generous a non-profit’s donor base, bringing new supporters into the fold is essential to growth and mission advancement. Nexis® for Development Professionals can help here, too. Our abundance of data can help you identify people with similar interests to your current donors that may share similar motivations for supporting your efforts. Our data can also help you identify people who have business relationships or other ties with your current donors.

Imagine how well you can evaluate prospective donors when you rely on our trusted sources, including Dun & Bradstreet, WealthEngine Wealth Scores, Larkspur Prospects of Wealth and VeriGift Charitable Giving from iWave. And non-profits with global reach and concerns, such as universities that attract students from around the world, will definitely appreciate the international reach and depth of Nexis®.

Evaluate and vet your partners and donors

A non-profit is only as strong as its reputation. A partnership with, or a donation from, the wrong person or company can damage your organization’s reputation and harm future fundraising efforts. Thankfully, Nexis® for Development Professionals can help you minimize your risk on this front. Our databases make it easy to search for people and companies who have been the focus of negative news, are connected to pending litigation, have experienced financial instability, etc. A non-profit can never be too cautious here, and Nexis® has your back.

Monitor your donors in the news

When your donors make news due to their business or community accomplishments, it creates an opportunity for your organization to reach out and offer its congratulations. Nexis®  makes it easy to set up email alerts on a schedule of your choosing whenever your donors are recognized for various achievements. Likewise, if a donor makes negative headlines, these alerts can help you gauge any risk to your organization’s reputation and strategize accordingly.

To learn more about all that Nexis® for Development Professionals can do for your non-profit, contact us today.