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Using Nexis Newsdesk® to Drive Informed Decision-Making

June 19, 2024 (5 min read)
Newsdesk powers your decision making with top-notch media intelligence

The media landscape is always changing. New platforms and communications channels are seemingly introduced daily; trends develop at a moment’s notice and then are gone in a flash. What that means is that no communications strategy is ever perfect—it’s always a work in progress, a living and breathing thing. The impact of individual messages, tactics, and content should not just be tracked in real time but adapted to account for how they play out in the real world.

Evaluating your brand health, competitive insights, and industry position in real time and the real world helps PR and communications pros in four ways:

  • Verifies that PR efforts were effective
  • Demonstrates ROI
  • Provides opportunities to assess and refine
  • Informs the Research phase of your next campaign

Media intelligence is a powerful way to determine the effectiveness of current communications efforts against your objectives and offer actionable recommendations to improve for the future. Incorporating the insights gleaned through deeper analysis of your brand, organization or campaign’s position within the media landscape enables you, as the PR pro, to make informed, data-driven decisions that align with the needs and interests of your target audiences. From this point, you can adjust tactics, and, if necessary, try a new approach.

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Start with the alllllllll the data

An in-depth analysis of your communications efforts—and the way your strategies, tactics, messaging, and activities may need to change as a result—is only as good as the data on which it is based. A simple web search or basic media monitoring just won’t cut it.

To ensure you’re making the most out of your media monitoring efforts—and truly transforming them into media intelligence--you need the most robust and versatile media intelligence solution available: Nexis Newsdesk®.

Newsdesk puts the power in your hands when it comes to capturing the power of our content. Do you want to mine, monitor, and make sense of the data yourself? No problem. Do you want to enlist the help of our team of media intelligence experts to do that for you and provide you with custom reports and newsletters you can easily share with your team or your entire company? We have you covered.

What Communications Pros Need

Does Newsdesk Deliver?

Access to a media intelligence solution that is truly global in scope.


The Newsdesk database spans the globe and serves up content in an integrated, intuitive dashboard.

A solution that delivers results for diverse media types and channels.


Newsdesk coverage includes behind-the-paywall licensed content, broadcast, blogs, and specialty trades.

An option to monitor and analyze media beyond what web searches will unveil.


Newsdesk tracks content far deeper than web searches, revealing niche and proprietary content about your company and competitors. You can also share the content knowing you’re copyright compliant.

The ability to share relevant intelligence easily and quickly across your organization—and in a form that’s easy for busy decision-makers to digest.


Newsdesk makes sharing simple with customizable distribution tools, including near real-time alerts, embeddable charts and graphs, branded newsletters and RSS feeds.

Easy-to-use measurement and analysis tools to demonstrate the impact of your efforts.


Newsdesk delivers a full suite of tools to track ROI including the ability to benchmark against competitors.

A solution that allows you to quickly assess what people are discussing on social media.


Newsdesk allows users to curate their own “self-service” searches within X and Facebook, all within the one platform.

The ability to supplement technology with human judgment and discernment.


For users who need an additional level of analysis, our Media Intelligence Research & Analytics Group can help evaluate your data and deliver customized newsletters and reports.

Apply what you’ve learned

With the foundation of your media intelligence efforts in place, you can shift your focus to making meaningful recommendations and acting against the insights gleaned through your analysis and evaluation.

For instance, let’s say one of your communications campaign strategies is to position a key company subject matter expert as an industry thought leader. One tactic is to have them initiate conversations on X (the platform formerly known as Twitter) and/or Threads. They’ve been quoted or featured in a great number of earned media placements. The story isn’t gaining any social media traction, yet readership for the web version of the story is through the roof.

You perform a deep dive to measure the effectiveness and execution of those specific tactics, which includes also looking at your brand’s content on the web and all social platforms, evaluating the approach your competitors are using (and where they are or aren’t seeing more success), and comparing your communications approaches to similar or aspirational organizations both in and outside of your industry.

In the example above, not gaining any social media traction is a problem. Analysis of brand health, competitive insights, and industry position reveals your primary competitor is getting more engagement from the target audience, especially over a long period of time, because the content they are creating resonates more with that audience and is more strategically placed to target them. It’s clear it’s time to pause, regroup, and make a plan to pivot.

Hot Tip: To strengthen your assessment, it’s also a good idea to include some additional context about how people currently use digital platforms and social media when it comes to news and information. In this scenario, you might trot out this stat from the Pew Research Center: More people get their news and information from digital platforms since 2020 than ever before. About half of those people get their news from social media. This means having a conversation with your internal or client decision-makers about changing strategy.

On the other hand, if analysis had shown your brand is getting more engagement from the target audience than a direct competitor’s brand, it’s probably safe to stay the course and not make any significant changes to your communications strategy.

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Stay informed for maximized media intelligence

Informed, data-driven decision-making is crucial for organizations to maximize their impact and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive media landscape. By leveraging media intelligence gained from the suite of Nexis Media Intelligence solutions, your brand, organization, or campaign can access valuable data and insights to refine your strategies, engage with stakeholders effectively, and measure your brand's perception. Learn more about this topic—and the future of media intelligence—in our latest ebook.