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6 Quick Tips for Qualifying Potential Donors

May 02, 2023 (4 min read)
Qualify donors with Nexis for Development Professionals in 6 easy steps

As a development professional, you know that everyone is in a near constant search for qualified prospective donors. From finding donors who align with your mission to validating their information, donor prospecting takes incredible amounts of time and effort--often forcing you to spend your time researching when you'd rather be engaging with donors and growing your community. But, if you don't have potential qualified donors, you don't have donations. 

Fortunately, Nexis® for Development Professionals makes this critical part of the job much easier and more fruitful. With the industry-leading research tool, you can find donors who meet your needs, validate their information, and even broaden your search to potential donors you might not have known existed. 

To get you started, here are six quick-start tips that will give you a sense of how you can use Nexis for Development professionals to make the researching part of your job easier and more efficient--so you can do more of what you love and work towards changing the world. 

Tip 1: Start broad with the individual search feature

When using the Individual Search feature, you’ll have the opportunity to input several fields of info about a person you wish to learn more about. However, we recommend that you begin your search by just inputting just their first and last name. Our SmartIndexing system takes all your search terms into consideration. So, if you input, say, a middle name or an address, you may miss out on helpful results that don’t include this information.

Tip 2: Add essential terms and keywords

If the person you’re searching generates more results than you can manage--or if the results aren’t specific to your needs--you can narrow your search in a number of different ways. One approach is to indicate any terms or keywords you deem necessary. For instance, if you’re looking to learn more about a person, but you seek only content that references his or her company, city or university alma mater, you can confine your search to such results.

Once looking at the results of a search, you can further refine and tailor them by using the “Include/Exclude” tool should you, for example, want only results that include the word “philanthropist.”

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Tip 3: Use all three source categories

Nexis for Development Professionals offers premium content in three categories: corporate connections and charitable giving, personal background and news, and wealth indicators. Each of these categories has a host of content types.

For instance, the wealth indicator category includes content from WealthEngine™, Executive Compensation, Stock Ownership Transactions, and Prospects of Wealth. (If, by chance, you wanted to know if a prospect owns a yacht or private jet, this is one place where you’ll want to look.) While there is a bit of content overlap among the three categories, there’s enough difference that you’ll almost certainly want to search results across all three.

Tip 4: Share, file, email and more

We make it easy for you to save and share the data you find. Whether you want to file away results for later analysis or to share with colleagues, Nexis for Development Professionals makes it possible with just a click or two. You can download, print and email your results, and you can also to save them to a folder or place them in Dropbox.

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Tip 5: Find the good and the bad

No matter how big a check someone may be willing to write your organization, if that person comes with baggage due to, say, certain legal matters, it may not be worth it.

Qualifying donors means ensuring that their reputation can’t do harm to yours. But don’t sweat it. Our database of negative news has your back. It will return results dealing with arrests, lawsuits and other potential matters of concern. Doing your donor due diligence will help you avoid a messy public relations situation--and can help you avoid other consequences from engaging with less than favorable donors. 

Tip 6: Use alerts to stay current and seize opportunities

We also make it convenient to stay abreast of prospective donors in-the-moment with our real-time alerts. Set an alert for a person of interest, and you’ll receive an email any time that person (or people) appear in any of our content sources. These alerts can tip you off to ideal opportunities to reach out to a prospect, such as after they received a new appointment to a board or after the closing of a major business deal.

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Make your donor prospecting more efficient with Nexis for Development Professionals

You got into the work to serve a passion, fulfill a mission, or change the world. You didn't get into the work to spend your day behind a computer hitting roadblocks with your research. 

If you want more time to do what you love, schedule a free demo of Nexis for Development Professionals to see how you can put these tips into action. You'll see just how easy it is to streamline your research, so you can get back to changing the world.