... but we’re working on that, too. Amassing extensive databases and taming them with state-of-the-art tools so you can turn them to your absolute advantage—well, that’s what we do. There is no better example than the unmatched court coverage and easy-to-use CourtLink® applications.

Whether you are performing a court case search, hunting for new clients or briefing an existing one; whether you are performing due diligence or banging away on business development projects, we are confident you will get the results you demand.


Because you can leverage CourtLink to gain access to more than 218 million dockets from state and federal civil and criminal courts across this vast country of ours. Because you can count on our extensive court records content with 100% full docket coverage.

Because you can follow court cases according to a specific party of interest, a specific area of law or a specific jurisdiction with timely notifications from CourtLink Alerts. Plus, ordering on-demand court records from our document runner service will keep you sharp enough to cut just about any argument to ribbons, and slap a tidy bow on yours.

Because we help you answer the critical question: Who are these people? Find out now. Examine parties, attorneys, experts, judges, organizations and more through their activity in the nation’s federal court cases and state court records too.

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