LexisNexis® State Capital

LexisNexis® State Capital provides comprehensive information on all 50 states from a single Web source.

It’s never been easier to search across all 50 states at once. With unprecedented scope and depth of information published by and about the states, LexisNexis® State Capital helps researchers compare law and public policy developments, monitor proposed and enacted state laws, analyze national and regional trends, get facts about state legislators and their staffs, and monitor news.

LexisNexis State Capital provides access to:

  • Bills
  • Laws
  • Constitutions
  • Proposed regulations
  • Enacted regulations
  • Legislature membership
  • Newspapers of record

Most of these sources are updated daily!

Your patrons find information faster without the need for extensive training—help text and easy-to-use search forms encourage independent work.

Novice and experienced researchers can feel confident in their ability to complete their research—easy-to-use search forms and Boolean search capability offer options for both.

Users can save valuable time and energy—instead of searching multiple sources or scrolling through irrelevant open-Web search results from unreliable sources, patrons get a tailored product that provides a comprehensive search from sources they can trust.

Extensive help text encourages productive, independent work without the need for extensive training or assistance. Help text includes basic steps of the legislative process, a glossary of legislative terms, bibliographic citation principles, a list of sources with update schedules, and “How do I” questions that guide users to appropriate search forms.

Easy-to-use search forms aid less-experienced researchers.

Boolean search capability provides additional tools for more experienced researchers.

Hypertext links, validated daily, take researchers to the websites of individual state legislatures and to associations for state officials, such as the National Association of State Information Resource Executives (NASIRE) and the Council of State Governments.

Customer Service/Technical/Research Assistance

For librarians, faculty, and technical staff members only. Students should work through their school’s librarian.

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