Does your sales team have a love-hate relationship with your CRM? It’s a common problem. In fact, a study last year found that CRM initiatives have a 63 percent fail rate.1

Yet the same research also discovered that CRMs are cited as key success drivers for high-growth companies. The answer? Make sure your CRM is enhanced with business intelligence to encourage CRM use and increase sales efficiency.

Be better prepared for sales calls

In addition to CRM integration, LexisNexis Prospect Portfolio enables sales teams to:

  • Quickly create prospecting lists of companies or individuals based on specific criteria—such as zip code or industry classification.
  • Set up customized alerts to stay informed about prospects and customers of interest with news from over 26,000 international, national and regional sources.
  • Add sales triggers to news searches to help you find the right prospects at the right time.
  • Generate customized reports including full cite lists of results, and print only those cited documents that are most relevant.
  • Upload a list of customers or prospects to have Prospect Portfolio search and append with current, comprehensive company and contact information—including hard-to-find e-mail addresses and direct phone lines—quickly and easily.

Improve CRM adoption and effective use by giving your sales team access to the company, industry and executive information they need.

Download the LexisNexis® Prospect Portfolio overview to learn more.

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