With so many state legislatures and agencies, plus many more federal ones, our legislative and regulatory process is wildly complex. Tracking it doesn’t have to be. The State Net® mission is to deliver the most comprehensive and reliable information as quickly as possible so you can effectively respond. It’s been that way for a while. For more than 40 years, State Net has delivered high-integrity data, results-oriented reporting, customization and exceptional client support.

Your job requires understanding the progression of proposed laws and regulations as they wind their way through state houses, regulatory bodies and Capitol Hill. Your stakeholders demand that you base your conclusions on accurate data that is gathered, synthesized and analyzed by reliable professionals. That’s our wheelhouse.

Many services that make these types of claim are simply scraping information off the Web. The results are unstructured and unreliable. They are served up with no context, analysis or customer support. It’s like drinking from a fire hose. And it’s the State Net antithesis.

Our devotion & infrastructure make us the application of choice.

We are devoted to making sure you receive better data, valuable insights, value-added functionality and proactive customer service. More than 50 regional editors with deep domain expertise are dedicated to collecting and analyzing the actions of legislators and regulators across the U.S.

Our summaries allow you to quickly assess the potential impact of a bill or regulation, where it stands and its prognosis. We implement strict quality control at every step of the process so there is no need to verify our data with state sites. All content is stored on the State Net servers—a singular and secure location—so there is no bouncing around from one state’s website to another. We combine sophisticated management tools with superior customer service to make sure you track the issues most important to you and your organization. You can even customize your design so reports are delivered in a way that meets your unique needs.

Our insights, quality, service and infrastructure make State Net the application of choice for professionals who must know about and understand the progression of legislative and regulatory measures around the country.

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