It’s about who we are

While our industry-leading technology is critical to the delivery of our service, it is our people who make us demonstrably different. We've built our company around experienced and accomplished professionals who are sincerely and enthusiastically committed to your success.

These are not mere words; it’s who we are.

Our team is driven to provide solutions. Our client service professionals begin every client engagement by asking insightful questions and truly listening to your answers—so we have a grasp on what you want to accomplish and what it will take to succeed. In this process, we provide intelligence and analysis to give you context around important and meaningful measures. Our network of specialists will make sure they are intimate with your priorities so their reports and insights meet your needs.

This client-driven team has been assembled for their knowledge and hands-on experience in key industries. Our database experts—skilled in collecting and processing legislative and regulatory content from each state—will expand your capacity so you can focus your resources where they will have the greatest impact. This investment in exceptional people enables us to provide you with consistently exceptional service.

Like you, our organization covers some pretty complicated issues. We’re also working with a complex, disparate and disconnected patchwork of legislative and regulatory bodies. State and federal offices are scattered across the country, and the aggregate volume of activity is astounding.

But what you get is simple: premium content, exceptionally delivered. Our nationwide team of experts—with deep experience in both subject matter and procedural intricacies—is devoted to hyper-vigilant lifecycle tracking of state and federal bills and regulations. They invest the time to make sure they understand your needs, goals, workflows and processes, so they can proactively identify emerging issues and opportunities to help you succeed.

You won’t triple the size of your team, but it might seem that way.

We connect you to the rule-making machine

This trusted government affairs reporting team provides a mounting number of U.S. businesses and associations with insights on a broad spectrum of topics brewing at the intersection of business and government. They bring to the table experience and expertise on critical issues as well as legislative and regulatory processes.

They review measures on a menu of key issues important to emerging technology enterprises, electronics and telecommunications companies, retail businesses, and labor and human resources professionals.

Many of the world’s largest banks, tax firms and insurers rely on our financial services experts for customized and critical government affairs information.

We also serve health insurers and PBMs; medical and dental associations; pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors; food and consumer products and services companies; long-term care providers and hospitals; and medical device and equipment manufacturers, and distributors.

Updates and insights flow to business leaders in these industries on hundreds of expert-selected subjects addressed in more than 150,000 bills and regulations from more than 7,000 agencies. But you will never receive a distracting data dump from State Net®. This team is dedicated to providing you with targeted, pertinent information.

Think of us as an extension of your organization, responsive to each member of your staff or association.

While they are at it, our experts will identify emerging trends that are certain to be relevant to your objectives. Their subject matter and procedural expertise, together with a dedication to your success, creates a winning solution for your organization.

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