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Your responsibilities are varied and your “bosses” are many, from your management to your members, and maybe your board. They look to you to manage the operation, sure, but much more than that. You may work on association publications, newsletters and alerts, develop continuing education, coordinate lobbying efforts, prepare for and oversee committee meetings and recruit members—sometimes all in the same day.

Be the first to update your members on legislative activity—quickly and easily—with X-Press alerts. Report developments to leadership and members with customized reports. Ferret out bills that could affect your members using advanced State Net® search tools. Limit searches to enactments or bills that have been sent to a governor. Use State Net’s Code Links for a quick-click analysis of how bills will affect existing law. Go beyond legislature websites for developments that will impact your members. Get executive orders from state governors. Use our intuitive tools to keep tabs on what legislators are up to in states most relevant to your membership. Search by topic, phrase, location or legislator. Save time with unbiased, trustworthy summaries of recent action. Store and organize your findings, get a heads up when a hearing is scheduled or a deadline approaches.

How will new bills impact current law? How do two versions of a bill compare? When is action scheduled to take place? Your members want to know, and we are here to help. State Net is the leading solution for organizations that need reliable information and analysis of what’s happening, and what may happen, with state and federal law.

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