Federal & State Legislative Tracking

Hire our team of tireless legislative process experts

Leverage our nationwide network of legislative process analysts, deployed with your guidance, for step-by-step coverage of legislative action at state houses throughout the country. Get actionable updates to identify potential challenges or exciting opportunities as bills are proposed, amended, passed, vetoed or chaptered. Follow executive orders, ballot measures and resolutions, too.

From the District of Columbia to California, Florida to New York, Arkansas to Oregon, and all locations in between, use our intuitive tools to keep tabs on what legislators are up to not only in Congress, but also in states where it matters to you most. Search by topic, phrase, location or legislator. Save time with trustworthy summaries of recent action or find what you need by accessing our expanding library of resources. Store and organize your findings, and get a heads up when a hearing is scheduled or a deadline approaches. While you’re at it, share all of this with your teams.

How will new bills impact current law? How do two versions of a bill compare? When is action scheduled to take place? We provide information. State Net® is the leading solution for people and organizations that need to know what’s happening, and what may happen, with state and federal bills and regulations.

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