The face of a clock. It’s pretty simple. Twelve numbers. Two hands. But look inside and the mechanics are nothing short of remarkable. That’s how we see State Net®. Our interface may be easy on the eyes, but we assure you that the behind-the-scenes processes would dazzle you.

Quality control and indexing are paramount. Our issue editors review and categorize each bill or regulation before it is entered into our database. They assign topic keywords based on our extensive proprietary issue–indexing system. This process, which is a State Net exclusive, minimizes the effort needed to identify legislation and regulations that are relevant to you, and is a key element of our Smart Search technology. As bills move through the legislative process, they are verified for accuracy at every step. As measures are amended, our editors review any new text to determine its relevance to new or existing issues. Regulatory text is likewise verified for accuracy at every step in the process. Our editors write meaningful summaries and link all related proposals to ensure that regulatory proposals relevant to your issues are easy to identify.

Our robust database architecture, created specifically for government affairs applications, comprises layers of data that are linked, cross-referenced and enriched. This gives you access to primary information, such as bills and regulations, along with quick links to related resources such as full text and sponsor biographies. Next, systematically identifying information related to your issues is our top priority. To ensure that you see everything you need to see and don’t drown in a gush of irrelevant information, we combine sophisticated technology and hands-on screening to every measure in our database.

A hallmark of our service is that we strive to fully understand your issues. We then build flexible information solutions that will help you more efficiently meet your goals and complete daily tasks, such as tracking changes, monitoring hearing schedules, and updating your colleagues or clients about the latest developments.

Content delivery options. It’s all about you.

Building on our intense customer focus, we offer a number of ways you receive your reports. Our Private File Tracking tool gives you complete control over your government affairs reporting by allowing you to sort, categorize, store, track and share. Email reports can be customized so you pick the frequency, information covered and distribution list of multiple email reports. Our iTrac Web Delivery is a customized site for your government affairs program or feeds your existing site with specialized reports. Finally, State Net can deliver data to your in-house system or database regardless of your computing platform. In other words, it’s all about you.

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