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Regulatory information is tough to obtain, difficult to decipher and frustrating to manage—let alone track. Monitoring the life and times of regulations takes acumen and effort. Don’t worry; there’s help. The State Net® reporting team combines expertise with hard work to track and turn raw, scattered data into knowledge you can use. Experienced analysts monitor innumerable sources to update regulatory affairs and compliance professionals not with mere filing notifications, but with accompanying intelligence and insight to help you make sense of it all.

We also know that the clock is ticking. That is why we make sure regulatory affairs teams have a sufficient heads up so they can act on new proposals, changes or strategies. That means you will have the information you need when you need it so you can influence the process or provide important updates on new compliance requirements.

Benefit from the efficiency that comes from our analysts’ summaries, our intelligent search technology and useful filters that can sift out everything but regulations proposed by a specific agency, addressing a particular concept or whatever you’re focused on today. Calendar important deadlines, get handy agency contact information, set up automatic alerts, and take advantage of the system’s tagging feature to organize your information. While you’re at it, we have a solution to efficiently update your teams and stakeholders, too.

Regulatory Reporting Product Sheet

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