Let us give you a tracking and reporting solution to monitor legislative and regulatory activity state by state, or region by region. With State Net® services you can track a single jurisdiction even more efficiently and thoroughly than regional services. We deliver information the same day and, in some jurisdictions, even in real time. We don’t sacrifice quality for speed, however; information is painstakingly crosschecked to ensure reliability. Your State Net service includes federal coverage, too, so you can monitor anything that may impact your state.


Make sure you don’t miss a beat in your state. Our proprietary search tools and hands-on client support help you efficiently isolate bills and regulations that are relevant to your organization. Run searches by bill number, topic, term or phrase, author or location and filter results by status or disposition. Relevant terms and phases are highlighted within the text of each bill or regulation so you can see your search terms in context.


See how new bills will affect current law in your state with State Net Code Links. Quickly analyze amendments and changes to bill text with the convenience of our side-by-side Version Text Compare tool. Download Voter Scorecards and our exclusive vote reports to get vote record details for the bills, legislators and committees you are monitoring. Not at your desk? State Net Mobile keeps you connected to critical bills, hearings and legislators while you are on the go.


Store, analyze, segment, track and report on the measures you care about most with our sophisticated information management tools. Categorize and segment tracked bills and regulations with unlimited custom tagging to match your workflow. Enhance the bills and regulations you are tracking with team notes and attachments of news clippings, position papers and other relevant documents.


Spend less time creating reports. Now you can forward critical information to your stakeholders with a click, send them customized reports and automated alerts, and do it all according to their preferences. Use personalized templates, or pull information into any word processing, spreadsheet or database application. While you’re at it, brand your reports with your organization’s logo, look and feel.

Extend the reach of your program with a customized and automated website updated daily with our iTrac feature. Designed to mirror your existing design, this enables you to effortlessly oversee a government affairs page that presents critical legislative updates to your stakeholders.

Our state-specific solutions give you the precision you demand, the mobility you need and many invaluable State Net features that set us apart from the pack.

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