Get the power to know with our search tools

Don’t waste time sifting through inaccurate and unfocused data. Precise State Net® search tools home in on your issue, your angle and your focus. We target the core of an issue to reduce information overload. Our proprietary search tools and hands-on client support help you efficiently isolate bills and regulations that are relevant to your organization.

Our Smart Search solution employs our proprietary and patented issue-indexing-by-topic search capability, combined with 50-state, full-text and keyword searching to make sure nothing is missed. Search results can be improved further with diagnostic tools and client service support.

Issue Screening saves you even more time. Let us search for and identify bills and regulations most relevant to you. Let us take the day-to-day pulling and reviewing of key measures off your hands so you can focus on what to do with the information we report to you.

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Get the power to act with our tracking tools

Unique State Net® tracking capabilities, comprehensive coverage and expert approach to quality data enables you to act with confidence. Know when relevant bills or regulations are in motion. Receive advance notice of hearings for measures you are tracking. Store, analyze, segment, track and report on the measures you care about most with our sophisticated information management tools.

Our private tracking files feature allows you to manage and prioritize intelligence in a centralized repository. Monitor an issue with a simple click. Share the information easily or lock it down for restricted access. Isolate bills and regulations by state, disposition, status or location. Categorize and segment tracked bills and regulations with unlimited custom tags to match your workflow. Enhance your tracking of bills and regulations with team notes and attachments of news clippings, position papers and other relevant documents.

Each user within your organization can run special reports and set up custom email alerts for the legislative and regulatory activity they need to monitor.

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Get the power to connect with our reporting and alert tools

State Net dynamic tools make accessing and sharing strategic information as simple as opening a Web browser. With minimal resources you can solve communication challenges and engage your most important and influential stakeholders.

Spend less time manually creating reports. Forward critical information to your stakeholders with a click. Create custom reports and automated alerts for various departments and contacts within your organization. And do it all based on their preferences. Customize reports by issue, state, disposition, frequency and custom tags, so recipients will see only information relevant to their job. Use personalized templates, or pull information into any word processing, spreadsheet or database application. While you’re at it, brand your reports with your organization’s logo, look and feel.

With tailored email alerts you can manage your workload by knowing what and when a measure has been changed or when hearings are set. Set up customized and automated email alerts based on each user’s preferences. Know when someone in your own organization has added something to a measure that you’re closely monitoring. X-Press alerts also provide hourly notifications for the issues that matter most.

iTrac extends the reach of your program with a customized and automated website that is updated daily. Designed to mirror your existing design, this site permits you to effortlessly oversee a government affairs page that presents critical legislative updates to your stakeholders.

iTrac Product Sheet

Maintain an in-house database with XML feeds that allows you to publish and share legislative and regulatory intelligence with little or no staff intervention. We can build customized digital solutions for your organization, too. The result is comprehensive, timely and easy-to-use material, seamless delivery, advanced early warnings, industry-leading quality assurance, and standardized XML content with enriched markup to facilitate code or database updates.

State Net XML Data Feeds Personalized Legislative and Regulatory Tracking

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