Reputation Management

Check and protect the online reputation of your organization, brand, or product by keeping tabs on media and public sentiment.  

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What is reputation management?  

Reputation Management is the monitoring the reputation of a brand or an individual across the internet and devising strategies to counter negative content that is deterrent to the individual or the brand. 

In general, reputation management will assess what your organization is known for and what is the prevailing sentiment. Optimal reputation management is aimed at managing and maintaining your brand and public relations. It feeds all aspects of your reputation, allowing you to positively influence the existing image of your organization over your competitors. 

Good reputation management means being aware of the current wishes and sentiments of your target audience. If you are not sufficiently informed about current market developments, this can be detrimental to your communication policy and your market position. 

How to manage your reputation    

Reputation management is much more than establishing your organization as a supplier of a good product or a high-quality service. To manage your reputation successfully, you can proactively influence the image of your organization. You will also have to monitor the risk of failure for your business. Common methods of risk monitoring include the following:   

How LexisNexis supports reputation management 

Nexis Newsdesk®, our flagship media intelligence solution, provides everything you need to manage your reputation by providing you access to data you need to assess your image. It enables you to: 

  • Create personalized news searches around topics of interest 
  • Analyze brand awareness and marketing campaign results
  • Monitor what people are saying about your company, your brand, and your competitors in near-real time so you can quickly respond to developments
  • Track multiple topics across nearly 4 million articles daily, spanning 75 languages and more than 100 countries, for a comprehensive view of the media landscape
  • Stay abreast of 24/7 broadcast-news coverage with monitoring of more than 2,000 TV and radio stations around the world and access to full-length transcripts and related videos
  • Keep track of the buzz across social media, including Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, as well as thought-leader blogs, podcasts, microblogs, video/photo sharing sites, industry forums and more
  • Convert your research into easy-to-digest charts and graphs to share news and insights within your organization
  • Stay up to date on the latest news thanks to customized alerts and newsletters
  • Share copyright-compliant news and information with colleagues and clients using customizable distribution tools, including branded newsletters and RSS feeds 

Nexis Newsdesk’s features include: 

  • A customizable dashboard
  • Branded alerts and newsletters
  • Embeddable interactive charts
  • Advanced analysis and filtering capabilities
  • Personalized searches and alerts
  • An unparalleled array of content 


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