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What eBook reading devices are compatible with LexisNexis® Digital Library eBooks?

Review the list of devices and platforms compatible here.

Can I use OverDrive Read without an internet connection?

OverDrive Read requires an online connection. If you need to work offline, we suggest an EPUB reader such as Adobe® Digital Editions or Kindle®.

Can I check an eBook in before the check-out period has ended?

Yes. From the Account page, you can click on "Return Title" to remove the title from your checkouts.

How many copies of an eBook can be checked out at the same time by multiple users?

The total number of copies available for checkout is based on the number currently on subscription by your organization. To check for a specific title, click on the eBook and look for the number of copies available in the right hand column under Copies.

Your library will determine the number of titles a patron can check out at a time. You can view your checkout limit on the right side of your Digital Library screen under Account; see your Digital Library's administrator for details.

Will notes stay with the book when it is checked back in?

With OverDrive Read, your place, bookmarks, notes and hightlights will be saved so that you can access them from any device.

Both Amazon Kindle and OverDrive Read allow for the note saving syncing feature. When an end-user rechecks out an eBook, the notes, highlights and bookmarks from the prior checkout will be maintained. Check your e-reader's notes and highlighting functionality, some programs allow for easy email of notes to yourself or copy/paste to the clipboard for placement other documents or printing.

Adobe Digital Editions saves any notes you make in an eBook to your computer. Once you return or delete an eBook, those notes will be deleted, too. If you borrow the same book again, your notes will not be restored.

Can sections be copied and pasted into other documents?

The amount of content that can be copied and pasted is governed by digital rights management per title. Limited print options are available via various methods of copy/paste into other documents or your e-reader’s clipboard. LexisNexis eBooks are governed by digital rights management per title and functionality of your e-reader. On Apple iPad, Overdrive Read allows for highlighting a section, copying to the clipboard and limited printing of the clipboard contents.

What happens to the prior release?

At the LexisNexis Digital Library, when a title has been updated, the previous version of the title is archived as a "Prior Release." When borrowing a title, you are borrowing the current version but can also download the previous version(s) or read in your browser with Overdrive Read. The previous versions will have the same lending period as the current release.

Are there alerts or notifications available for updates of new titles?

For a listing of new titles, click on the New eBooks from LexisNexis link at the top of the Digital Library menu page. This link is also located on the Lexis Print & Digital Solutions page under the Latest Titles and Releases tab. Individual title descriptions will list the last date the eBook was updated.

Will we have access to the table of contents and the indexes?

Yes, virtually every title will have full volume data and all indices will be marked for unlimited number of checkouts. The table of contents is listed for each volume of a larger set; however, a limited number of individual volumes may have extremely lengthy table of contents listings that exceed the display capabilities.

How does putting a title on Hold work?

If a title is unavailable, you can place a hold on it and receive an email when it’s available for you. Unavailable titles have greyed-out format icons in the top-right corner of the cover. Click Place a Hold button and complete the form to borrow the title when it becomes available.