Second Quarter Numbers Hit by China

Second Quarter Numbers Hit by China

Just 37 reverse mergers were completed in the second quarter of 2011, according to the Reverse Merger Report. That's down over 50% from the second quarter of last year. Still way more than IPOs, but down is down. Much of this, of course has to do with China. Only three Chinese APOs were completed in the whole first six months of the year, raising about $4 million each. A total of 31 Chinese companies did complete reverse mergers in the first half, but only those three raised money contemporaneous with the going public event.

But it's not just about China. Even non-China deals are down 65% from last year, says the RMR.  When you combine the China problem with the SEC issuing very negative pronouncements about the reverse merger technique, you can add 1+1 and get fewer deals, even as Wall Street and the capital markets have strengthened overall.

All I can tell you is, we're busier than heck. I am personally doing seven reverse mergers right now, six here in the US and one non-US deal (but not China).  So I remain optimistic that companies will still find efficient ways to go public. Hopefully the Regulation A reform working through Congress will help make a real difference if the SEC takes actions which have the effect of discouraging more reverse mergers. But this all may take awhile to shake out.

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