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US takes helm of troubled 'blood diamond' monitor

WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States is taking over the leadership of the international body charged with monitoring and preventing the sale of blood diamonds, just a month after a major human rights watchdog quit, accusing the group of refusing to address Full version (available to lexis.com subscribers...

American diamond official urged to resign

VICTORIA FALLS Zimbabwe (AP) - Zimbabwe's diamond conference was rocked by controversy Tuesday over the Kimberley Process, the world diamond trade regulatory body, whose chairwoman was publicly asked to resign because she is Full version (available to lexis.com subscribers)

Looted Resources in Global Supply Chains

Exclusive from LexisNexis France/Semaine Juridique, General Edition: Looted Resources in Global Supply Chains: Asking the Right Questions [1] Elise Groulx , Ad.E., LL.M., Attorney at law [2] , Of Counsel, Washington office, Boyle Litigation, District of Columbia, United States of America...