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Philadelphia Creates Land Bank for City to Sell and Purchase Vacant Property

On January 13, 2014, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter signed into law Bill No. 130156-A , creating a municipal land bank for the city. With this law, Philadelphia became the largest U.S. city to adopt a land bank and joins more than 75 cities and towns nationwide that have established land bank programs...

Abandoned houses Detroit

public housing apartments

urban street Cleveland Warehouse District

Project Parklet

By Megan Roberts At the Accelerate 2015 (Cleveland Leadership Center) awards ( http://www.cleveleads.org/AccelerateNEO/pitch-presenters ), Cleveland natives and returnees, Whitney Hallock and Caroline Wagner, presented the idea for Project Parklet to transform the Cleveland area streetscape. Speaking...

Real Estate Gazette: A Focus on the Hospitality and Leisure Sector In Some of the World’s Key Jurisdictions

By Dr. Olaf Schmidt In this issue, we turn the spotlight on the hospitality and leisure sector in some of the world’s key jurisdictions, focusing on topics that are intricately linked with real estate. Also discussed in this issue are recent changes to the tax regime in Australia, which are...