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Update from Alabama: Attorney General Posts Guidance on the Toughest Immigration Law in the Nation

" Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange announced that he has established a special webpage for providing updates and information on Alabama’s new immigration law, Act No. 2011-535, which is widely considered to be the toughest in the nation. Signed into law on June 9, 2011, the...

DOJ to Alabama: Step away from the schoolhouse door

DOJ response to Alabama's demand for citation of legal authority to collect information on the new Alabama immigration law. - DOJ, Nov. 4, 2011 .

Standing in the schoolhouse door

"Surely Alabama’s attorney general, Luther Strange, did not mean to summon the memory of Gov. George Wallace when he picked a fight with the Department of Justice last week over the state’s new immigration law. Surely no law-enforcement official of his stature would have responded...